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20 Sep
1/ There’s a huge difference between the Relative Risk Reduction (RRR) & the Absolute Risk Reduction (ARR).

Here is that lancet study:
thelancet.com/journals/lanmi… ImageImageImage
2/ Israeli study on Pfizer’s vaccine (mass vaccination). Does this work?

3/ Israeli mass vaccination data cont’d: ImageImageImage
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20 Sep
🎯Important and relevant 💯facts!

🎯Important and relevant 💯facts!

🎯Important and relevant 💯facts!

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19 Sep
1/ Artemisinin for COVID!

“In patients with mild-to-moderate COVID-19, the time to reach undetectable SARS-CoV-2 was significantly shorter.”




2/ Whoa! Impressive! When you combine Mefloquine-artesunate, which is a derivative of artemisinin you get excellent anti-viral properties! Take a look. Mefloquine is in the same family as chloroquine(CQ)/hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) — both are antimalarials.

3/ Artemisinin’s “antiviral action, target-protein inhibition, and biological properties may synergistically contribute to the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 and intervene in additional signaling pathways to favorably influence the COVID-19 pathogenesis.”

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19 Sep
1/ This superb scientific article confirms the efficacy of quercetin for the prevention & treatment of COVID-19. This time it was combined with ascorbic acid (vitamin C). This combination resulted in synergy!

2/ Ascorbic acid

Vitamin C exerts its antiviral properties by supporting lymphocyte activity, increasing interferon-α production, modulating cytokines, reducing inflammation, improving endothelial dysfunction, and restoring mitochondrial function.

3/ Quercetin is a polyphenol derived from plants with a wide range of biological actions including anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, antiviral activities; it attenuates lipid peroxidation, ameliorates platelet aggregation and capillary permeability.

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18 Sep
1/ A lot of people are overlooking the methemoglobinemia (black blood) that both COVID-19 patients and those that have received the jab get.

What is methemoglobinemia? A condition of elevated methemoglobin in the blood.


2/ What’s the mechanism of Methemoglobinemia?

The underlying mechanism involves some of the iron in hemoglobin being converted from the ferrous [Fe2+] state to the ferric [Fe3+] form.

Ferric iron is unable to bind & transport oxygen only Fe2+ can.

3/ @WarriorAnjill and I discovered this link months ago, and all of this ties in perfectly with M0rgellons & [5][G] (millimeter waves).

Actually, most of this is her research with minor contributions from me.

More information on the mechanism below.👇🏻

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18 Sep
1/ I KNEW IT! I found you! Long COVID-19 & Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV).

EBV is a latent virus that’s activated by COVID-19. “Long COVID-19” sounded like scientists and/or doctors not knowing what they were looking at (lack of imagination).

2/ There are likely other latent viruses that are being activated and being misdiagnosed as “long COVID.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

The lack of imagination and combining that with pathology & physiology is beyond me. This took me 50 minutes to put 2 and 2 and get 4. Then another 30 to confirm.
3/ Here are the graphs by themselves. It’s obvious to me.
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18 Sep
1/ It’s not the complicated Dr. you need to reduce the graphene & increase glutathione levels while simultaneously decreasing inflammation. Also add a zinc ionophore be it HCQ or quercetin or IVM doesn’t matter.

2/ 1. NAC 600mg (2 or 3 times daily) does the first two.

2. Quercetin and/or HCQ or IVM = zinc ionophores +

3. zinc 30mg (children/elderly) everyone else 50mg per day.

4. Vitamin C 1 gram daily.

5. Thymoquinone or black seed oil.
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16 Sep
1/ A document just released by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) openly admits that the infamous PCR test for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) was developed not with actual samples of the Chinese Virus,

2/ but rather what appears to be genetic material from a common cold virus. Since the Fauci Flu in any of its “variant” forms has yet to be properly isolated, the FDA instead used regular cold/flu viruses to produce PCR tests –
3/ meaning everyone who tests “positive” for Chinese Germs is actually just testing positive for the seasonal flu. This would, of course, explain why the flu nearly disappeared in 2020, as everyone who got sick was assigned a “covid” diagnosis.
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16 Sep
1/ Russia has created an autonomous nuclear torpedo guided by AI named Leviathan, (NATO codename: Poseidon).

The elite have always wanted to detonate a nuke that can create a nuclear Tsunami that can destroy the Statue of Liberty & kill millions.

2/ There are specific reasons why, but I can’t go into too much detail here. Look at the Star below the Statue of Liberty, for instance.
It’s a hendecagram, an 11-pointed star: a Qliphoth or Kelipot, a shell; like skin or scales snakes shed.

Watch the video with an open mind.
3/ He’s wrong about it being a missile. We can intercept missiles, but we cannot intercept (that I’m aware of) an autonomous suicide drone that is nuclear-powered and guided by AI. The "Intercontinental Nuclear-Powered Nuclear-Armed Autonomous Torpedo.”

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16 Sep
2/ Key findings: SARS-CoV-2 RNAs “can be reverse transcribed in human cells,” “these DNA sequences can be integrated into the cell genome and subsequently be transcribed” (a phenomenon called “retro-integration”) — & there are viable cellular pathways to explain how this happens.
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16 Sep
1/ “Prolonged SARS-CoV-2 RNA shedding and recurrence of PCR-positive tests have been widely reported in patients after recovery, yet these patients most commonly are non-infectious. Here we investigated the possibility that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can be reverse-transcribed …”
2/ and integrated into the human genome and that transcription of the integrated sequences might account for PCR-positive tests.”

Integrated into our genome? Yikes.

“We found chimeric transcripts consisting of viral fused to cellular sequences in published data sets of..
3/ SARS-CoV-2 infected cultured cells and primary cells of patients, consistent with the transcription of viral sequences integrated into the genome. To experimentally corroborate the possibility of viral retro-integration, we describe evidence that SARS-CoV-2 RNAs can …
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16 Sep
1/ This statement is chilling and disturbing… If you know what siRNA (short interference RNA & also known as silencing RNA) does you would immediately understand what I’m saying. I would only do this if my cancer is terminal, not for a virus! SMH

2/ So many moving parts, and so much that can go wrong. 🥶 Nah, no way José. I wouldn’t even risk it for cancer — there’s better and safer ways.

This will sound weird but dying isn’t all that bad if you’re going upstairs that is. I’ve done it 3 times.

3/ This article is relevant to this topic and surprisingly really interesting and balanced.

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16 Sep
Exactly General Flynn I would’ve done the same. (1/5)
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16 Sep
1/4 💥🍿💥
2/4 💥🍿💥
3/4 💥🍿💥
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15 Sep
1/ Lawfare, part of Unrestricted Warfare (the Chinese Communist Party & Chinese military’s military doctrine). If lawfare is being used that means that China is actively using its military doctrine. Ergo.



hsdl.org/?view&did=8124… ImageImageImageImage
2/ General Flynn says that ‘our nation was at war’ during the period between November 4, 2020 (after the election) and January 6, 2021 (when the electoral votes were certified). He was referring to the deep state using “lawfare” as a way of stealing the election. ImageImageImageImage
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15 Sep
1/ Exactly! It all goes back to medical biochemistry. Viruses like SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) need sulfhydryl (thiol) groups: a sulfur atom with two lone pairs, bonded to hydrogen for cell fusion & viral entry. Hence, they are very vulnerable to oxidation.

pubs.acs.org/doi/10.1021/ac… ImageImageImageImage
2/ The most potent antioxidant physiologically-speaking is glutathione. However, it has a low bioavailability because most gets destroyed in our gut. Taking N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC), a precursor is better for COVID!


pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34182881/ ImageImage
3/ “Ozone is triatomic oxygen (O3), the most powerful oxidant found in nature. Our bodies actually produce ozone, observed in a stunning discovery at Scripps Institute.”


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15 Sep
1/ This case has been forensically confirmed!

The jab killed her! Brain blood clot.

The reason people suffer headaches after taking these “clot shots” is because blood clots block the brain blood vessels that normally supply blood to the brain.

2/ Since the heart is still pumping, pressure builds up behind the blood clot. In some people, this results in a “blowout” of the blood vessel, or a “blood brain bleed” brain hemorrhage.

3/ 4 March 2021, “he received the first dose of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine produced by AstraZeneca without any immediate adverse reaction. Seven days later he suffered from a worsening headache but, despite this symptom, he continued to work…”

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15 Sep
1/ Ever think… well gee… it leaked out of a lab? By the way, that’s a euphemism for: a deliberate attack with a bioweapon. Would that qualify for the start of World War III?

2/ Folks, trust me, I’ve looked at it from all angles since 4 January 2020 one day after Iranian general Soleimani was rightfully killed (don’t get me started on that 🤣). It’s a bioweapon. 100%. Zero doubts.

3/ Here they talk about that furin cleavage site, yes, that dimer that codes for CGG-CGG (two arginine residues), I was talking about before. This screams gain-of-function (GoF) research, which is another euphemism for bioweapon research.

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15 Sep
1/ Stop with this nonsense of the bat! When the bat dies = the virus dies. Was eaten whole? Lol. Also the virus that we have now cannot infect bats whatsoever. Riddle me that one for me. 🤣 It was made in a lab.

Look at the furin cleavage site, that dimer codes for CGG-CGG. ImageImageImageImage
2/ That alone proves it’s not from nature. When the host dies, the virus dies.

Besides why can’t COVID infect bats? Not one scientist dan find any animal that gave people COVID, and China would LOVE to!


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15 Sep
1/ It’s called UBI = ultraviolet blood irradiation

Endotracheal Application of Ultraviolet A Light in Critically Ill Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2: A First-in-Human Study

2/ Ultraviolet-A light increases mitochondrial anti-viral signaling protein in confluent human tracheal cells even at a distance from the light source

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