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29 Dec 20
Last one for the day. #JasonKenneyTaughtMe that you can fail on all 3 campaign promises, make 1.6 billion dollars in accounting errors, pillage our mountains for $36/hectare, spend a million to save 70,000 (living wall), and STILL be considered a FiScAl CoNsErVaTiVe in Alberta.
I couldn't even fit the 30 Million per year War Room, millions in cancelled contracts, federal charity dollars for their caucus debt, faux public consultations, curricular rewrite, useless referendums, or plethora of issues managers in one tweet.
"But...but they saved money through cuts too!"

Let's look at those cuts shall we?

Cuts to children w/special needs, supports for our most vulnerable, family services, municipal funding, higher learning, parks, and diversification (from carbon tax).
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