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28 Jan
#KobeBryant let go down the 🐇 hole 🕳 ties to #TheClintonFoundation friends with #Obama way to much symbolism #witchcraft #occult #Illuminati
Notice his logo 🧐
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3 Jan
you don’t speak for all Americans ..#WeThePeople are proud of our #POTUS
Just zip it 🤐 we already know what you are all about 🙄
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11 Dec 19
#TakashiMurakami artist with lots of weird #occult #Illuminati symbolism
🍕 reference 👀
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4 Dec 19
#DianeKeatonHall very popular actress ..full of symbolism..
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27 Nov 19
So this is America’s Sweetheart 🙄 #JuliaRoberts they got to her young 😞
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26 Nov 19
So this is #RubyRose I’m thinking she is the front runner for [their] agenda ..full of #MKUltra mind control..beta sex kitten..and riddled with occult symbolism
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20 Nov 19
So this is #PharrellWilliams ..riddled with #occult #Illuminati
666 hand symbolism
All seeing 👁 bracelet
red shoes..#MKUltra animal print ..
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15 Nov 19
#KaceyMusgraves look what she is pushing out ..she along with a lot of others have an agenda 😡
Butterflies =MK ultra
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15 Nov 19
Let her get her 5 mins of fame #JenniferNettles #Sugarland #feminismiscancer
I used to love listening to music I’m like 🙄
Pushing [Their] agendas 🥴
One eye symbolism
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15 Nov 19
#MrEntertainerOfTheYear #GarthBrooks #illuminati everywhere with this one and his wifey 🙄
Pointing down with his 🎸
One eye symbolism and Disney 🙄
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12 Nov 19
So..there is so much symbolism around #ZacBrownBand
From the pagan jewelry to his occult symbolic merchandise to his 🍷 🦉
Same symbolism at his different businesses..album covers posters
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7 Nov 19
So #KanyeWest dressed himself and family as #Beelzebub for #haloween2019 bet some of y’all weren’t aware of this 🎯
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5 Nov 19
This one video tells me everything I need to know about who was behind #FieldMcConnell arrest 😡 #CraigSawmanSawyer And..let’s not forget he had that child sex camp destroyed and he worked with #NoNameMccain and #Hillary
Craig sharing creepy monagraph videos 🤔this guy is beyond sick and riddled with Illuminatioccukt symbolism ..not to mention his short films🥺
little 🐽 and the ☂ man
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30 Oct 19
McDonalds Facts 🤢
#RedShoes 👞to
#AbortedBabies 👶🏻
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28 Oct 19
So this is fashion icon #RickOwens 🥴😳🙈
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27 Mar 19
Y’all ever heard of the #OregonCountyFair ? Not a place to take your children! I’m all about nature and art BUT this? Beware‼️
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