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20 Jan
My children are in a NYC Catholic School. We moved them from our local public this year, because we wanted them to be in school full-time.
Part of the reason I am so enraged over school closures is that I am watching my kids have a somewhat normal year. (thread)
Despite being in the city limits, private schools follow the NYS guidelines (vs NYC). Their Teachers are not part of the UFT.
They have 16-18 kids in a class, 6 ft distance, masked, open windows, HEPA filters in every classroom.
They have every subject.
They are learning, they are taking tests, they have gym, music, art, language, spelling, vocabulary, and the entire curriculum. (This may sound obvious but this is not happening in many publics this year).
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29 Dec 20
I really hope that we can stop making the ridiculous argument that some Teachers shouldn't have to go back to work because they "aren't paid well enough". Let's examine this in detail.
1) The Teachers who truly are not paid well tend to be in red states w/o strong Unions. Those Teachers are doing an enormous service to their community, and many are truly doing it for low wages and benefits.
The Teachers who are mostly working remotely right now tend to be concentrated in areas where Unions have strong power. These are the highest paid Teachers in the country, both in wages, benefits, and protections.
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28 Dec 20
Every time you find yourself falling for the gaslighting of the @UFT, remember that Learning Bridges now serves 75k kids (larger than most districts in the US), w/o ventilation upgrades, mass testing, and w/ larger cohorts-so a UFT member can be home.
And remember that NOT A SINGLE POLITICIAN is questioning whether it's "safe". They already know it is. We are engaged in a giant coverup where we just pretend this isn't happening to placate a UFT member's unfounded anxiety.
Also remember that the workers who work in childcare facilities are low income, and have nothing even remotely resembling the benefits and job protections that a UFT member has. And NOBODY IS QUESTIONING THIS PRACTICE.
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7 Dec 20
Interesting quote by @NYCMayor "And I am increasingly convinced that we will be back in-person in September across the board, five days a week, all kids." Sept is too late.

#keepNYCschoolsopen #openschools…
When you actually digest the magnitude of this. By September, most children in NYC (& other cities in the US) would not have been in a classroom for 18 months. It's impossible to overstate how catastrophic this is.
Against scientific guidance. Against the guidance of every pediatric body on the planet, and human rights watchdog. And this is completely out of step with US suburbs and the entire EU continent. US cities are 100% outliers with schools.
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7 Dec 20
This is really important. There are rallies, there is media attention, and there is a shift in media coverage. What is also happening behind the scenes in cities like NYC is that large groups of parents are working w/ elected officials to #keepNYCschoolsopen. (Thread)
You may be surprised to know that some electeds were not aware that the EU reopened their schools in Aug/Sept, mostly FULL TIME (no hybrid, no remote), with far fewer precautions than what NYC and other US cities are demanding.
At the city and state level, our electeds often rely on their leader - Mayor and/or Governor's health advisors to disseminate information. Some had not been updated on school safety since APRIL.
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27 Nov 20
So many liberals and progressives (my people) seem to have stopped reading COVID news past the Spring. And when they do, it's only the most alarmist of headlines. I cannot believe the level of misinformation that is spreading by both sides of the political spectrum now.
Let me provide context for this tweet. Here are some observations for left wing misinformation.
1) Refusing to accept/believe the documented IFR from the CDC & WHO as well as IFR by age.
Ignoring the reduction in IFR from Spring, which has been observed throughout the globe, as a result of new treatments, techniques, containment measures, and accounting for new info from serology data.
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25 Nov 20
I remember reading this article in Mar and thinking it was dystopian-there was no conceivable way elected officials would allow schools to be closed for anything resembling years. Yet here we are, with districts already writing off this school year.…
And now, our worst fears are coming true... other countries are prioritizing education - closing schools last, reopening them first. Our country seems to be abandoning the idea of children being educated, going against expert consensus.
Not only are children not being educated, but their mental and physical health is suffering. And their families are under more stress than ever.…
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23 Nov 20
We talk quite a bit about the impact of school closures on children, their families, and their futures. This is a thread about the medium to long-term impact of school closures on society and the political landscape. 1/
Middle Class Divestment from Public Education. Enrollment dips occurred in nearly every city district in the US. Families choosing private, homeschool, pods/microschools. When the MC divests from Public Ed, it will create long-term funding issues & exacerbate inequity. 2/
There is only so long that a parent will go without their children being educated. You can now hire a virtual Zoom tutor from anywhere (inc India & other countries), and you can give your child individualized attention using your state curriculum-better than Zoom w/40 kids. 3/
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22 Nov 20
The obstructionist techniques being leveraged by @UFT & @rweingarten in order to ignore scientific consensus on school safety are on par with Trump voters claiming he won the election due to "fraud". They are baseless attempts to delay and obstruct children returning to school.
These techniques' sole purpose are to sow doubt among its members, the public, and state/local leadership about the safety of in-person learning.
The sole purpose of a Union is to advocate solely for its members. The needs of children are not part of the @UFT or @rweingarten 's charter and we should not forget this.
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21 Nov 20
The majority of children in the US are not in a classroom right now, against expert guidance. These children mostly live in cities, and there is a high correlation along racial and socieconomic lines.
This. Is. A. National. Emergency.
Please act accordingly.
I'm going to share several articles and other sources on the topic. If you are reading this, please feel free to share it with your school-denier friends.
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16 Nov 20
Unpopular opinion, but this constant coddling and centering of Teacher voices in the "return to school" debate is straight up classism. And racism. No other group of people have gotten the luxury of dictating their return to work and have had so much emphasis put on their safety.
Nobody said a peep when Daycare workers in NYC went back in June, taking care of children who cannot socially distance or wear masks - changing diapers, wiping noses, etc. These are people making poverty level wages with no protections.
SO. MANY. PEOPLE. are risking their health and safety right now because they need a paycheck. We are literally ignoring this elephant in the room while we pontificate about whether it is "safe" to have 8 kids spread apart in a mask in a DOE classroom. It's appalling.
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