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8 Apr
Context on new CBP numbers. When combining UACs and families, we are not close to the peak seen in 2019. No of single adults inflated due to Title 42.

(1) 172,331 total apprehensions. Inflated by high recidivism: 28% of the total apprehensions in Mar were repeat crossers.

(2) 99,659 of the March apprehensions are single adults, who are all being immediately expelled via Title 42. Repeat crossers are concentrated among single adults, so the recidivism rate is likely far higher than 28% for this group.

(3a) 53,782 encounters of individuals in family groups, which is an increase from about 20,000 last month. An increase, but not nearly as high as in 2019, when we saw a high of about 90k individuals in family groups

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10 Mar
Some thoughts ...

Back in '19, we saw a high of 144,116 apprehensions in May and the number was over 100,000 for several months.

That was during Trump's efforts to slam the border shut through child separation in Spring '18 and MPP in Jan '19. Enforcement alone didn't work. 1/
For family units, accompanied children + UACs (everyone except single adults), May 2019 was 100,518, compared to just 28,843 in February 2021. Most months in 2019 saw a higher number of families and children than February 2021.

Again, enforcement only approach did not work. 2/
For UACs, the spike in 2019 apprehensions were:

February -- 7,245
March -- 9,380
April -- 9,265
May -- 11,861
June -- 7,678
July -- 5,846

By comparison, the last few months have been:

November -- 4,595
December -- 4,995
Jan-21 -- 5,871
February -- 9,457

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10 Mar
Whoa. One of the Congressional staffers most responsible for blocking reform and increasing deportations writes that he admires the 2006 peaceful mass demonstrations by the undocumented and laments the "politically inspired violence" of "the last month."…
The thing is that our nation's anti-immigrant policies, like the ones advanced by Fishman and his colleagues/bosses, laid the toxic foundation for the political violence we saw on Jan 6. 2/
The "populism" that anti-immigrant organizations and lawmakers used to "protect the American worker" was weaponized to become nationalism - more specifically, white nationalism - that seeks to protect "our nation." 3/
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9 Mar
Nothing at the border right now is a surprise. Therefore, it should not escalate to a crisis. The Biden administration needs to put in place the infrastructure, logistics and processes to manage the border. 1/
A crisis is when Trump expelled thousands of migrant children back to Mexico, strong armed/bribed unsafe countries to pretend to be safe countries, and forced thousands of families to wait in Mexico while eviscerating the immigration system. 2/
UAC should be in shelters, that maintain high standards of care, for the least amount of time possible. Int'l orgs should manage the rollback of MPP in Mexico, testing all families. Faith orgs should help UAC and MPP in the US. FEMA expertise will make all this go smoother. 3/
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10 Jan 19
THREAD: Should the president announce a national emergency, some points to keep in mind: Emergency powers are meant to address an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action.
Congress has addressed border security with legislation annually, usually through appropriations. In fact, those congressional actions have made the border more secure ...…
.... led to decreased levels of unauthorized entry ....…
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