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28 Jul 20
India office library has a manuscript, accession number 40- Guru Nanak's Life (Janamsakhi)It is the oldest extant manuscript of punjabi language, c1733, consists 57 paintings, they Constitute a unique achievement of art
Painter: Alam Chand Raj. #gurunanak #baba #Punjabi #History
Guru Nanak grazing Buffalos. #janamsakhi #B40 #baba #nanak #Punjabi #art #History #Punjabi
@jvalaaa Appreciate if you can translate the ladiwaar from this sakhi. Couldn't read it end to end.
ਬਿਰਛ ਦੀ ਛਾਂ ਖਲੋਈ
The unmoving shade of a tree. #janamsakhi #B40 #guru #baba #nanakdevji #Punjabi #art #History #Punjabi
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18 Jun 20
1/ Aryan Invasion Theory – The Myth

The Aryan Invasion Theory is nothing but a Myth – British Imperialism’s ugly vestige that is still today taught in Indian schools and all over the world. The whole theory was created out of imagination to put the Europeans as superior
2/ race (which they certainly are not). The myth was born in 19th century when Indology became the talk of the day and scholars like Arthur Schopenhauer, Hern Wilhelm von Humboldt and August Wilhelm von Schlegal studied the Vedic literatures.

When these scholars learned
3/ about the profound knowledge and wisdom, they couldn’t help buy praise the ancient Indian culture publicly. Unfortunately for many Europeans, this was a shock! They simply couldn’t accept the fact that a far more advanced and a far more sophisticated civilization could
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