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supporter of Aam Aadmi Party. Will give a 6 foot rod in Pichwada of Bhakts of Kejriwal. Blocked by @daarubaazmehta 😁😁
20 May
@ladeedafarzana in the age of Google and YouTube you can't fool non-muslims, what do you think you will cite this(2:256) abrogated verse of Quran , and people will believe u ?

don't u want to tell the non Muslims that there is principle of abrogation of verses of Quran,which exist in Islam ?
@ladeedafarzana you Islamists are so cunning.

why don't you tell what does your Allah say after verse 2:256, means what is written in the next verse 2:257, that will tell about the character of your God, what he will do to the people who will not believe in Islam.
@ladeedafarzana let's see what does the greatest commentator on Quran, Ibn Khatir, said about 2:256
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