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Spent some time in the Marines. Iowa State Alum. Studied Plant Genetics. Work in finance now. Centrist. Crypto/blockchain
Jul 29, 2021 18 tweets 5 min read
Interesting observations - in the 90’s the #SEC won 3 outright championships, #Big12 won 4 outright or shared, ACC won 4 outright or shared, #Pac10 won 1, #Big10 won 1 shared. First half of 2000 (2000-05) Big12 won 2 BCS, ACC won 1, Big10 won 1, PAC10 won 1, SEC won 1. Since then the #SEC has won 11 times which statistically makes no sense. So what happened… well in the 04-05 championship an undefeated SEC champ was left out of the BCS championship game (which would never happen again) in favor of OU v USC. Enter the worldwide leader in sports #ESPN
Jul 27, 2021 9 tweets 6 min read
My thoughts on #Big12, #IowaState, and the other institutions. The most likely scenario for the remaining schools is a merger with #AAC or #MWC or a combination of the two. Which isn’t ideal for the remaining schools because tv revenue would be way down… your annual payout would be maybe $15MM? Compare that to the $34MM the #Big12 paid out last year. And if you’re confident that #IowaState goes to the #BigTen, I wouldn’t be. Not to say they won’t but if the Big10 is in a race against the #SEC you can’t counter by adding Iowa State or Kansas. You have to