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17 May 20
1. One of the forgotten stories about the 2016 election is the Domestic Conspiracy that helped elect him

#Trump #Mob #SexualAssault #ElectionFraud…
2. Obvious conspirators were Erik Prince, Giuliani and Trump, pressured, intimidated and blackmailed then FBI Director James Comey

#Trump #Mob #SexualAssault #ElectionFraud
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9 May 20
Hi @ReadeAlexandra i would like to adress you very likely committing Bankruptcy Fraud, and i do have receipts for it.

I have also confirmed the check fraud (the third confirmation) but lets talk about the bankruptcy fraud ok @ReadeAlexandra ?
1. You had a landlord Lasjon Marie Blacksher, isn't that right @ReadeAlexandra to whom you wrote during your bankruptcy proceedings the following emails

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar
2. You were seeking money from a program (Community action Board) to pay your rent, in order to get them, she needed not to receive eviction notice or action from Blacksher, aint that right @ReadeAlexandra
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5 May 20
26. Many survivors, lawyers and experts has pointed out that victims of rape and sexual assault simply does not glorify and praise the person, Tara Reade praised Joe Biden repeatedly, in this tweet for his work on...Sexual assault in 2017.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar Part 1 Image
27.Then again a few months later again praising Joe for his work on behalf of Sexual assault victims.

according to real victims, experts, lawyers, this simply doesn't happen for victims to praise the person who did it to them.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar Part 1 Image
28.Going back to 2009, Tara Reade wrote an article commending Biden for action he had taken against domestic abuse.
Commending Biden on his work on the VaWa act.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar Part 1
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1 May 20
THREAD: Here is a list of all the 22 women who have credibly accused Trump of rape and sexual misconduct. Please Retweet.

1. Jill Harth says she was groped and kissed in a bedroom at Mar-A-Lago.…
2.Ivana Trump wrote about being raped in a memoir. After a legal divorce settlement, she walked back her claims slightly.…
3. Kristin Anderson says she was groped by Trump at a nightclub. She also says he reached under her skirt without consent.…
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30 Apr 20
1.Throughout her life Tara Reade has used several names or aliases.
Alexandra Tara McCabe
Tara Reade Moulton
Alexandra Reade

To name a few

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar PART 1
2.A look through records reveals she was born on February 26 1964, to Robert Moulton and Jeanette Altimus, she later got a stepmother-Sally Ann Moulton.

#TaraReade #TaraReadeIsALiar PART 1
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