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degenerate crypto -- @pleasrdao -- no financial advice
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2 Feb
Y’all know SBF owns like most of SUSHI and therefore DeFi right?

If he wakes up one day a chooses violence...

Fuck there are builders and there are conquerors.

This dude is shaping up to be our Bill Gates.
See kids if you get off of twitter and stop posting 1/68 threads about serum or solana and just go full alpha chad...

You too can be a multimillionaire with bad hair and a high percentage of owning the future of crypto (CeFi + DeFi)...

Oh and don’t forget maps maps maps!
The SBF Index is going to fuck the Yearn index so hard.

Or the SBF Index is going to acquire the Yearn index.

And then it’s SBF + Yearn versus Binance and Silicon Valley.

Oh lord... someone get kirby an old fashioned with a circular ice cube.

Me needs a drinky.
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24 Jan
Is this a moon mission?

COMP has been lagging AAVE bad...

v2 coming at some point

genius degen founder

idk it’s all pasta / psyops

@norugger is onto something...

$COMP TVL = $5,353,633,231.62

$AAVE TVL = $3,649,163,876.69

If you care about such metrics... then COMP is lagging big time.

Both prob undervalued.

But you know not financial advice.

It's all pasta.

$690 COMP tho... 😜
Brother Kirby loves beautiful design and easy to use DeFi protocols.

This is how I came to value $COMP $690.

Not financial advice.

It's all pasta.

COMP $690.

Easier than Brady vs the Pack.
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16 Jan
Could be psyops but...

YOU CAN own both $SUSHI and $UNI.

Crazy we are debating on FDV when you have tradfi companies like Door Dash (that have never made any money)...

But currently trade at a 59.45B Market Cap... in a low margin, low-tech, zero moat business.
The public markets have valued a food delivery business which may have to classify its subcontractors as employees one day and will definitely suffer when covid ends... at 59.45 billion!

There's no way this company ever makes any money.

Booooooolish on the future of finance!
If you own SUSHI... all the crypto influencers can dump on you.

If you own UNI... all of the reasonably evil VCs can dump on you.

I love getting dumped on so I own both.

The @basedkarbon paid group knew all of this was going to happen before it happened per usual.
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