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14 Sep
@dukeofnewyork3 @Calavera437 @whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 1. Interesting that you should bring up #JimmySavile

Just a few weeks before the scandal took off there was an unrelated medical ethics documentary on #BBCRadio4 about inducing unconsciousness in a child with Autism who freaked out when they tried to put an oxygen mask on him...
@dukeofnewyork3 @Calavera437 @whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 2. As well as pros & cons of benefits of oxygen & harm from ventilation & psychological benefits of not being in panic 24/7 from mask they had to consider fact that HALF of patients awakening from general anaesthetic had such vivid hallucinations couldn't distinguish from reality
@dukeofnewyork3 @Calavera437 @whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 3. And in half those cases hallucinations are of sexual nature

A few months after big fuss about #Saville died down another #BBCR4 medical documentary covered how between 20% & 80% of people suffering a range of diseases or head traumas again suffer such realistic hallucinations
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14 Sep
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 1. OK

So show us where "history is being rewritten to be more accurate Not erased Just corrected"

To enable us to learn Africa was collection of #SlaveStates long before #Whitey returned

Where human sacrifice & cannibalism were practiced on captives

Where most males butchered
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 2. Show us where your rewriters corrected history to teach you #AFRICANS butchered most of bros they captured as of little or no market value & too dangerous to let live until #AtlanticSlaveTrade SAVED them by providing a market

Where taught you while enormous local slave market
@whoospydaisy1 @Ash_Hirani @LozzaFox 3. Show us where your correctors of history taught you while vast local #African & Eastern market for women & children up to 90% died on forced marches to distant slave markets

And what few men was market for in East castrated first with up to 90% death rate

And show us where..
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12 Sep
@ElizabethLaud12 @jaredleandoer Go watch and listen to WHAT?!

Your opinions are CLEARLY based on MYTHS about #Churchill

Try watching the second half of THIS video:

@ElizabethLaud12 @jaredleandoer Or read these about #Churchill

Mainly from this video:

@ElizabethLaud12 @jaredleandoer Or read these about #ChurchillMyths

Mainly from this video:

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27 Aug
@_Truthbe Yes

I understand

You didn't want to read it

You don't like learning either

And so you did neither

Nowhere in that does he support condone or agree with violence

He's only understanding why it happens

He's NOT promoting it!
@_Truthbe PS Hint:

The first bit is someone else's interpretation

The bit between these symbols:

" and " - quotation marks -

Is what MLK actually said

Or at least what he is supposed to have said
@_Truthbe Even in your quote MLK says:

"They may be #Deplored, but they are there and should be understood"

And just after quote says:

"he is shocking it by abusing #Property rights...catharsis in the violent act...physical harm done to..people...infinitesimal

ie Vandalism NOT violence
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14 Aug
@localnotail @lizziedearden 1. Except it's my views on the bogus news

Would you like to list the views you've gained on say #OrangeManBad from those sources & we can see how non bogus they are

Let me help you out with a few guesses

Bet you think he's orange

Apparently he hasn't been since early in '16
@localnotail @lizziedearden 2. Strangely even UK MSM still seem able to produce Orange pics of him despite being #NotMyPresident

He caressed womens kittens?

If #Mandela had said if you're rich & famous women in US will let you do anything even...

What accusations & claims of admission would MSM "report"
@localnotail @lizziedearden 3. #Trump said #COVID1984 a hoax?

After shutting down airports?!

He talked about various democrat hoaxes culminating in accusations abouthandling of crisis being a #DemocratHoax

Then talked about virus

MSM cut first part up to final mention of hoax & told you applied to virus
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11 Aug
@AlistairBarrie @LozzaFox @montie 1. Have you ANY idea where England the part of the nasty UK MILLIONS of immigrants & other "refugees" flee TO would come in the World population density table

27th out of ~200 countries

~ top 1/8th as normally listed

But do you know what kind of "countries" more densely pop
@AlistairBarrie @LozzaFox @montie 2. Almost ALL "countries" higher in World population rankings in 1 of 3 categories

CITY "states" like Vatican City Monte Carlo/Monaco Hong Kong Singapore

Tax Haven Island "full" of "resident" Millionaires

Anomalies like South Korea Israel Panama Gaza Puerto Rico W Bank Taiwan
@AlistairBarrie @LozzaFox @montie 3. Even whole UK comes as high as ~30th out of ~200 countries in World population density Rankings

So pretty full regardless

But if strip out city states tax havens US supported states only full sized normal countries above England are......




That's it!!!
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10 Aug
@originallyme3 @darrenturner73 @Rocketeer_1984 @TallBrownGent @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 1. What makes players Man U players

Joining the team & playing in & with it

Can pretend to join from another team but if you carry on playing for the opposition or just refuse to play along with Man U you're not part of the team

There are foreigners who immigrate here & are..
@originallyme3 @darrenturner73 @Rocketeer_1984 @TallBrownGent @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 2. There are "foreigners" who immigrate here & are more British than all too many supposed "British"

People like most (all?) Gurkhas Sikhs & many others from the sub-continent for eg

Or many (most?) "Indians" from Africa & "Africans" from the West Indies

Compare with eg BBC...
@originallyme3 @darrenturner73 @Rocketeer_1984 @TallBrownGent @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 3. Compare such immigrants with "Brits" (including ungrateful subversive immigrants) at #BBC #Channel4 & #Guardian

And note can still retain fondness even pride in "home" country

eg Can still be Brit & be proud of Russian culture & heritage

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7 Aug
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie @LoGravityTweets See?


Where did he say that?!

Bigotry is yet another word redefined by the ILL-"liberal" UN-"Progressive" Left

Looks like you need some help here

Not only are you intolerant

Not only are you intolerant of things YOU project on others

You want to actually silence others
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie @LoGravityTweets True traditional actual liberal values call for free speech

Tolerance of values disagree with

"Defeat" of bad ideas by exposure to scrutiny & debate

Not silencing no platforming never mind PHYSICAL restraint of & attacks on those disagree with

That is one feature of Facism!
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie @LoGravityTweets Not only won't the Left even listen to an argument on a point they disagree with which makes then bigots

Not only are they intolerant of anyone who disagrees with them

But they actively forcibly try to silence them

With violence

Which makes the Left #FASCIST!

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7 Aug
@phoenix87777999 @garthy604 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 1. Women think they're paid less than men because they can't do basic statistics

For same qualifications & experience women get paid MORE then men

For decades lesbians unmarried women & childless married career women earned more

For ages all women in the 20s did & now 30s do
@phoenix87777999 @garthy604 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 2. By their 50s men have on average spent ten YEARS longer working

Usually in higher responsibility &/or higher risk &/or worse conditions

Women choose to work less take less responsibility move travel commute less

So comparing average pay is not comparing apples with apples
@phoenix87777999 @garthy604 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi 3. Then you get ridiculous comparisons like admin staff & cabin crew in airlines compared with pilots where yes the women pilots earn less


But women are young minimum experience private pilots/commercial schooled
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7 Aug
@garthy604 @phoenix87777999 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi Bollards

I'm white

In my youth I was stopped lots of times by police

As was young

Out & about at odd hours

Black kids get stopped loads because they stab loads


Ask the silent majority not the entitled vocal activist minority if they want stop&search stopped
@garthy604 @phoenix87777999 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi Clearly you lack the ability to rationally evaluate the "facts"

Try looking at these:
@garthy604 @phoenix87777999 @Ands14 @valannin @bbcbitesize @JohnAmaechi And these and try to think rather than reacting to your anecdotal experience:
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5 Aug
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 1. So those 2 soundbites out of all those articles (could you say which & where or are you assuming they're in there) are all you picked up

Not all the left wing & socialist bits

That's what they call cognitive dissonance

#CulturalMarxists didn't just strip out nationalisation
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 2. #CulturalMarxists didn't just strip out nationalisation

They stripped out ALL the Economics & ALL the Class War out of #Marxism because they saw they weren't going to work in overthrowing the old order & no one argues they're not Marxists or Socialists

#Hitler& #Mussolini
@not_wario @SonsonFreddie 3. #Hitler& #Mussolini only adapted #Internationalism & control of means of production to something that would work in real world

But what else is not Socialist

Marx (money is Sun to Fri religion of J3ws/are to blame for capitalism) & #Engels racist #Eugenicists

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4 Aug
@trubai_17 @Red12945368 @Bluhenry @Stop_The_EU 1. East was Muslim Africans that had adopted religion & culture of Arabs

As for more akin to indentured labour....?!?! ImageImageImageImage
@trubai_17 @Red12945368 @Bluhenry @Stop_The_EU 2. As for slavery more akin to indentured labour in Africa....?!?!

Indentured apprentice sacrificial victim?!!!!!! ImageImageImageImage
@trubai_17 @Red12945368 @Bluhenry @Stop_The_EU 3. As for slavery more akin to indentured labour in Africa....?!?!

Indentured apprentice sacrificial victim?!!!!!! ImageImageImageImage
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4 Aug
@Transman74 @milburn_ted @bridges_walls @Stop_The_EU Yeah

You're one of the rose tinted tin foil hat brigade who think slipping "Socialist" into their name was all a conspiracy theory to trick socialists into joining the Nazi Party…
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19 Jul
@LookBehindYou20 @1ittlesanctuary @ghost_wales @afneil 1. This is the lies about the £350M pw membership fee

When it was actually £363M pw

Plus other associated fees & direct costs & charges taking it up to £1B pw

Plus the costs of red tape, higher import costs, etc etc, taking it up to £2B pw

Is that the lying & cheating?!
@LookBehindYou20 @1ittlesanctuary @ghost_wales @afneil 2. Or perhaps the lying and cheating about how was it 60 odd % of our laws are made in Brussels when Remain said it was around 14%


When the 14% was the smallest category of laws directly resulting from EU membership

The next was 40 odd %..
@LookBehindYou20 @1ittlesanctuary @ghost_wales @afneil 3. But when you add in the indirect influence on our laws the 60 odd % leaps to the 85% of our laws that in one way or another directly or indirectly come from Brussels as admitted by other EU members and boasted about by the EU itself

Do you mean that cheating and lying?!
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31 May
@Bryaunahx @SaffaSeb @BLMBLMB @ElijahSchaffer 1. Well if read an actual history book rather than a "liberal" Oppression Victimhood Grievance & Outrage Studies class text

You'll find black & brown people were oppressing & enslaving each other long before whitey RETURNED to Africa

That previously butchered bros as no value..
@Bryaunahx @SaffaSeb @BLMBLMB @ElijahSchaffer 2. That previously black & brown slavers butchered bros as little value as slaves & TOO DANGEROUS TO LEAVE ALIVE

That castrated few market for in East where far more sold than West

That Atlantic trade SAVED blacks captured by bros as created market

More slaves died of bad...
@Bryaunahx @SaffaSeb @BLMBLMB @ElijahSchaffer 3. More slaves died of bad treatment by black & brown slavers than by white slave owners

More white crew & passengers died pro rata on Atlantic crossing than valuable slaves

More slaves went to Latino & Hispanic Americas than white USA where treated better and fewer killed...
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