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4 May
A friend called me last night to talk about the real world Matrix and how he feels he's now being gas-lit by purveyed reality. News. Friends. Family. He cannot sleep anymore.
I knew precisely what he was describing, but I cheat and knock myself out with tasty herbs. Still... 1/5
2/5 I often awaken in abject terror & cannot fall back to sleep w/o another toke. My mind can get... busy. Friend is tuning out news where he cannot change outcomes. He's tuning out friends n family who have been warshed. He's turning off the gas at the meter. There is a fine...
3/5 line between turning away and tuning out. We cannot turn away, but we need to focus on the things on which we can affect positive change. Locally is a great place to start.
I cannot help stop leaking radioactive waste in Wash state. Washingtonians can.
I can fight for my...
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