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19 Oct 18
The way social justice people online ignored (& sometimes silenced) disabled people & disability issues annoyed me for years, but I've never felt or seen others feel such a sense of betrayal as over the left's treatment of Jews & antisemitism.
The other week I saw a social justice youtuber whose work I previously admired totally gaslighting Jews on twitter, insisting Jews who talk about antisemitism on the left only think it because the media says it exists. Would you talk this way to any others??
I've seen others claim antisemitism gets more media attention (at times) than other forms of bigotry (according to their perception). Well, we could all play that game of oppression olympics, couldn't we? And it'd be crap.
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29 Aug 18
If you're fucking sick of hearing so much about left-wing antisemitism, think how fucking tired its victims are of being on the receiving fucking end of it.
And if you think complaints about left-wing antisemitism are part of some kind of conspiracy to cover up complaints of other kinds of racism or forms of bigotry, guess what, you sound pretty indistinguishable from an antisemite, however "woke" you are.
Absolutely true that antisemitism isn't the only form of bigotry or hypocrisy on the left - various people &/or publications decry some kinds of antisemitism but not others, or are actively transphobic or racist in other ways. That's not an excuse to be same.
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