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7 Jun
the more you read into the history of psychology and psychiatry the more you realize it has been one of the most effective weapons of control against vulnerable people by using wealthy men with unchecked egos and a propensity for armchair diagnosis as judge jury and executioner
if you have faith in doctors to historically do the right thing (read: you havent been one of the people that they chewed up and spit out, lucky you) i promise that will crumble the more you read
the field of psychology-- not as it should be, but as it exists and has been used-- is more or less a means of allowing people in very sheltered and privileged positions to set the standards of objectivity and acceptable thoughts and behaviors in order to punish the vulnerable
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7 Jun
looking thru the archive folders i have of my own art from years past and its kind of insane. i didnt realize i have drawn thousands upon thousands of images in the past 3 years alone. and some of them are still really good. it feels weird
to start with, here is a collection of weird women who will hurt or get you. or maybe they wont. im not their boss
some stuff from about 2 years ago or so? probably. inks hold up real good
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6 Jun
very often abled people make peace with the ideas of chronic illness by deluding themselves with the reassurance of personal responsibility, i.e. convincing themselves the disabled have simply not been proactive enough in seeking help
the nauseating reality of the situation is that when you are lucky enough to even be able to attend the appointments and meet the doctors that youve very likely been obsessively seeking out in fear as your body crumbles, they have nothing for you
they turn you away, they give you ibuprofen and tell you to exercise, they shrug and wave goodbye when the labs come back negative, and youre on your own again with no idea who to see next or what to do
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1 May
as a little hyperactive kid i always thought birdwatching seemed like such a boring hobby but now im so easily enchanted by seeing birds socialize around a feeder i lose track of time. i get it now
theres something so delightfully maternal and kindhearted about the motivation behind birdfeeders and it says so many endearing things about human curiosity. wanting birds to always have a reliable source of food, just so that u might watch them in turn
like, we dont have many utility-based reasons to do it. we just see animals and become so bewitched by little guys hopping around that we want the joy of knowing they got an extra treat today because of us
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1 May
alrite crucify me or do whatever u need to do but my real question every time some shit about like a dubious source from kf shows up or some shit is always "hey, why are you guys going on kf"
some of you must lead very interesting double lives. internet drama detectives with tangible neuroses
like who cares. those fucking guys never have anything constructive or interesting to say and their only goal is to get people to commit suicide. find a better way to spend your time instead of making your obsessive snooping addiction everyone elses problem.
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30 Apr
i may seem sometimes like i am quite snippy, or perhaps cynical or even just an angry person. i wont confirm or deny but ill say this: imagine having united states history as a special interest and then trying to stay sane
do not know how to explain how fucking passionate i am about examining every little detail of why this country is a failure. is it good for my health? hard to say. but if i could stand to get thru school id make a kickass professor
many people can claim to be passionate about united states history but to be blunt you can tell how good at it they are by how much they hate the united states. pride in the united states hinges entirely on knowing nothing about it
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30 Apr
fuck all branches of the united states army but i feel like the mentality of marines is especially fucking dangerous. the way they seem to champion for brotherhood and humility and Belonging is like one of the most insidious facets of cult mentality. fucking weirdos
if youve been around marines or ex-marines for any reason, listen to how they talk about their In-Group compared to other facets of the military, let alone others. sure, those other guys make good cannon fodder, but WE'RE the guys who know about LEADERSHIP and STRENGTH
every marine or former marine insists up and down that the corps taught them humility and compassion, and then proceed to never practice either, and will get red in the face with rage when you dont agree with them
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30 Apr
it is an extremely real and tangible fear for like, asserting yourself in any capacity to ruin ur relationship w shitty parents, and its definitely natural to want to avoid that, but let me just say as someone whos been dead to my parents for almost a year: i sort of recommend it
like genuinely, im not kidding. the sting is there and theres healing 2 be done but like. i dont miss them. if they were willing to do what they did because i drew a line in the sand at how they were treating me, theyd find another reason to do it. i dont think of them much now
you can and will find better people that will help you understand what love is supposed to be. the painful side of that coin is learning that you didnt receive it before. but it is absolutely fucking worth it
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