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16 Mar
Most people are vitamin D deficient. Studies show D staves off respiratory infection. Fact.

In my 20s I took a gram of vitamin C everyday, and didn't get sick despite being within a meter of coughing, infected people while giving guitar lessons.

.. I stopped because I developed acid reflux (most likely from continually eating spicy Indian and Thai food), but I'm going to drink a glass of 1 grsm C powder mix now, because I'm sure across a few days it *will* make a difference in my immune response.
I've been taking D supplements, presuming how little I'm outside and the darkness of winter, I'm likely deficient. I'll have to manage reflux somehow with the C for now.

Efficacy is unknown, but it's at least something.

Vitamin C is very well researched,
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26 Feb
1) Societal communication has reached maximum dilution. Nobody is actually communicating anything, just semantic one upsmanship and verbal jousting.

All along Establishment created divides that keep the Peasantry agitated with each other.

I look forward to ...
2) ... this election. Because for me it will mark a time if letting go of caring about where this nation is heading.
I've been "politically active" since my teens. It's sucked a lot of energy and life from me. It's not my base persona - I've been ....
3) ... precosciously artistic since I was a small child. It's grating on my nerves to be on Twitter with "this" polluting my mind. I've been led astray by the idea that if I can talk about issues coherently, make them a little more known around me, the butterfly effect would...
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