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I’m Danny. I tweet about better city mobility, London and elsewhere.
9 Apr
Cities are closing streets to cars, opening them to walking + cycling to enable #SocialDistancingNow in our urban spaces. With thanks to @Lelievre_Adrien here is a massive list of them. Shamefully NONE in the UK @Heidi_LDN @willnorman @AndyBurnhamGM @GreenJennyJones 1/12
2/12 Bogota, Colombia has added 22km of pop up bike lanes to deal with #SocialDistancingNow #COVIDー19
3/12 Mexico City has added a 2km pop-up bike lanes to deal with #Social_Distancing #COVIDー19
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27 Jan 19
1) This is the most exciting thing I've read for years. Thanks @azeem for pointing me to @asymco on "Micromobility".… Thread: @RachelAldred @willnorman @Heidi_LDN I'm also linking @DannyinL my professional handle (as I'm looking for a new job, hint!!)
Assertion 1) "car manufacturers will abandon the short distances because they're not profitable." I agree with this. SUVs etc are for suburban trips, longer distance etc and car companies are basically pulling out of short / urban trip
Assertion 2) Cities are growing. And trips in cities are generally short (e.g Southampton or see the tonnes of public travel data London is making available around this e.g.
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