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Executive Director @jrf_uk, author 'The New Working Class: how to win hearts, minds and votes', Trustee @involveUK #newworkingclass #ukpoverty
16 Mar 20
THREAD #coronavirus: At JRF we know we are a just + compassionate society, we rely on one another for support. People on low incomes face particular challenges. Here are initial steps we’re taking to play our part as part of the wider efforts across the community: 1/
We will be providing some initial solutions about how people on low incomes can be supported now with the costs and risks exacerbated by Coronavirus. Follow @helen_barnard and @jrf_uk for updates 2/
We will continue to work closely with people with direct experience of poverty to listen to their concerns and be the best possible ally over the coming weeks and months @abigail_scottpaul @jrf_uk 3/
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