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9 Jun 20
This report by @Samanthakarnold is well worth a read. Highlights the barriers to citizenship for many children and young adults

I worked on a similar case last year that I want to highlight @immigrationIRL

A small thread
Jordan arrived in Ireland in early 2000's as a toddler with his father & family Both came as programme refugees

Father abandoned Jordan not long after arrived and he was brought into care of the State (now Tusla)
Jordan spent 13 years under the care of the State. Previously applications for citizenship were refused because of policy that says Tusla cant make applications for citizenship for children in the care of the State
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14 Jan 19
There is a new Practice Direction in Asylum/Immigration JR matters in the High Court that raises serious access to justice concerns for migrants in Ireland and something which needs to be addressed to the wider legal community @flacireland @immigrationIRL @_IHREC
Practice Direction HC81 is quite thorough so i am only going to raise a few issues of concern. Smarter people than me will explain the implications better than i would as i am not a practitioner. Here is the Practice Direction…
There has been a continued eroding of migrants' access to justice before the High Court over the last few years but the newest Practice Direction is wholly unreasonable and places burdens on immigration practitioners that are not placed on other practitioners in the courts
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