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Hack turned quack. Journalist. Writer. MD. Ex @AFP. Ed @croakeynews. RMO @VicRGProgram Wiradjuri/Dhudhuroa/Waywurru country. Non nobis solum nati sumus 🏳️‍🌈
May 17 • 26 tweets • 10 min read
New thread to kick off our next keynote from Assoc Prof Loyola McLean, who will be speaking on trauma, attachment and mental illness #RANZCP2022 McLean asks us how do we bring the past and present together in a way that changes the future. As a Yamatji woman with a stolen story this is lived experience. The Dreaming offers hope #RANZCP2022
May 17 • 20 tweets • 11 min read
Starting with @BLennox4, presenting on autoimmune psychosis and immunomodulation #RANZCP2022 Lennox speaking about schizophrenia, neurologic and psychiatric dimensions #RANZCP2022
May 17 • 11 tweets • 7 min read
Final session for Day Two #RANZCP2022 will be a keynote on psychedelic drugs and their putative therapeutic role in psychiatry What functions does the 5HT-2A receptor (target of psychedelics) engage? It's somewhat synonymous with plasticity. Mostly in the cortex (^ BDNF, tho curiously this is decreased in the hippocampus) #RANZCP2022
May 17 • 42 tweets • 17 min read
Much-anticipated session starting soon at #RANZCP2022 on the #ClimateEmergency and #MentalHealth, with a headline keynote from Tim Flannery. Thread to follow below Our chair for this afternoon is Charles Le Feuvre from Psychology for a Safe Climate #RANZCP2022
May 17 • 37 tweets • 17 min read
Back on deck at #RANZCP2022 and tweeting from the #COVID19 symposium. @croakeynews will be at the session on PTSD and veterans' mental health. @ranzcp President @drvinaylakra getting us underway. Jeff Looi giving an overview first up on pandemic impacts on mental health Looi says MH consequences to date in Australia less significant than seen elsewhere, but was and continue to be increased demand on NGOs and agencies like Lifeline. Anxiety and depression increased but peaks lower than expected at 10% #RANZCP2022
May 16 • 39 tweets • 20 min read
Will be tweeting next from a trainee forum at #RANZCP2022 featuring @skyekinder, @mbismark, @SellittoT, @SArunogiri and others. Should be good! Content to thread below The intrepid @croakeynews will be catching up with some on-demand content on the #ClimateEmergency, so follow along with her tweets, which should serve as a nice entree to this afternoon's session with Tim Flannery #RANZCP2022
May 16 • 22 tweets • 9 min read
First up at #RANZCP2022 today is a keynote from Prof Jayashree Kulkarni, women' mental health expert and international leader in reproductive hormone use in psychiatry. Says her talk will be provocative, deliberately Reflecting on the recent #RoeVWade developments in the US, Kulkarni says progress is not linear and seems to regress. Points to @TamePunk as just one example of the growing sense of injustice. 47% Australian women have experienced mental ill health, cost in billions #RANZCP2022
May 16 • 33 tweets • 13 min read
Final session of Day One #RANZCP2022 coming up. @croakeynews will be tweeting the Indigenous mental health session, I'm covering the great debate: psychiatrists are prescribing too few stimulants David Coghill sets the scene. 5% kids & young people & 2.5% adults have ADHD. 50% do not finish school, 3x more likely to be divorced or fired, 4x MVA risk. Mortality 4x ^ if not dx into adulthood. 3x likelihood depression, 4x anxiety 7x bipolar; 50% BPD comorbid #RANZCP2022
May 16 • 21 tweets • 11 min read
Back on deck at #RANZCP2022 for the afternoon block, will be tweeting from the crises session. Up first, perspectives from emergency psychiatry. @croakeynews will be tweeting from talks on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health First talk is on zero suicide in the ED. You can read more about this here… #RANZCP2022
May 16 • 25 tweets • 11 min read
Will be in this session through to 1pm, on #COVID19 and psychiatry #RANZCP2022 Elizabeth Moore, @RANZCP president-elect up first on disruptions to training due to #COVID19 and disasters. Has been a rocky few years for the College, you can read more about that in my #RANZCP2022 preview. Repeated cancellations of exams and the AV-OSCE going belly-up midway
May 16 • 31 tweets • 12 min read
Next up is Stan Grant, on determinants of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander mental health. Opens with a greeting in his father's Wiradjuri language. Grant's father wrote the first Wiradjuri dictionary, once arrested for speaking it in the street #RANZCP2022 How do we live in a country where our presence has long been seen as something hostile, to be erased, asks Grant #RANZCP2022
May 15 • 23 tweets • 10 min read
Starting a new thread for our first keynote, @allenfrancesMD, In Praise of the Biopsychosocial Model #RANZCP2022 Frances says the opposite of the biopsychosocial model are reductionist approaches, which he describes as a 'disaster' for the patient, with psychiatry models (of which there have been >50 described) tending to compete rather than seeing a person 'in the round' #RANZCP2022
May 15 • 8 tweets • 5 min read
Underway at #RANZCP2022 w Uncle Allan Murray for a Welcome to Country. Of 29 clans comprising the Eora Nation, Murray says 26 are extinct. Speaking of an epidemic in mental ill health in the Aboriginal community. 'If you walk with us we will walk with you and share the knowledge' @RANZCP President-elect Elizabeth Moore introduces @bronnietaylor for a formal welcome on behalf of the NSW Government. Taylor spent 20 years as a nurse in a regional hospital, says she is very passionate about mental health #RANZCP2022
May 15 • 5 tweets • 5 min read
Huge turnout for @BBorderhealth rally calling for a $1bn single-site hospital and an end to NSW-Vic buck-passing one week out from #ausvotes
#standingupforalburywodonga 'But a puff of wind' between functional & crisis @davidclancy83 tells @BBorderhealth rally of overstretched, underresourced AWH. HCWs are tired of seeing ambulances ramped, seeing patients fall between cracks, staff frayed at edges, in tears, despairing, anxious #wedeservebetter