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8 Apr
1) Kudos, @CryptoCurryClub for the @LAB577/@XinFin_Official interview! It's packed with gems, extremely educational, & a must-listen if you are considering adding $XDC to your #Crypto portfolio. @rickcrook & @atulkhekade were great! DYOR. My comments (some speculative) below.
2) #XinFin/#XDC/@TradeFinex aims for (among other things) enterprise & institutional use case (#MSMEs, #banks). Think origination, tokenization (the Casterman mantra) & counter-party risk mitigation. Large #tradefinance consortiums will use the #XinFin/@Cordablockchain bridge.
3) "A fire has been lit and is raging," in the crypto space, says @RichardCrook. But institutions are "dripping in regulations"--IMO, one reason $XDC has been chosen is because it is regulated in some jurisdictions (see @Vinter XDC Index, @ADGlobalMarket). A definite plus!
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