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Opinions of the masses are manufactured by mechanisms unseen.
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6 Aug
Another public official who disguises their hatred for White people behind the banner of Socialism. They're not aggrieved because they're oppressed, they're aggrieved because they're not the ones oppressing.

The suspect is Black, not "Right-Wing." But this fact will die quietly.
With the suspect still at large, one would think the Jewish media might provide an image or description of the suspect. Nope - just a copy/pasted blurb. Had the suspect been White though, the Jewish media would spam his picture until it was indelibly etched into our psyche.
Jews have foisted this ruse on us that White people are oppressive because they have White skin. Consequently, this gives people in the imagined "oppressed" class license to oppress White people as some form of retribution. All of it must be purged.
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13 Jan
We can no longer use ethnicity to diagnose societal patterns because Jews have deemed it "racist" - except for white people. For example, Jews can say white people are overrepresented in the FBI, but white people can't say Jews are overrepresented in Hollywood.
The most duplicitous thing about this double-standard is that Jews ascribe their overrepresentation to high intelligence while simultaneously ascribing white overrepresentation to "privilege." This in and of itself is a veiled insult to white people's average intelligence.
We aren't disputing reality here - we're disputing about how Jews allow us to perceive reality. Should we let our self-appointed moral superiors dictate how we can perceive reality? Should our reality be a philo-Semetic, Jewish construct?
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6 Jan
In killing Soleimani, Trump violated:
1) international human rights law by killing people who posed no immanent threat to life
2) Iraq's sovereignty
3) the terms under which the US operates in Iraq 
4) the Constitutional mandate requiring Congressional approval for acts of war
Trump claims murdering Soleimani and nine others was in response to an American that was killed in Iraq. Why was he there in the first place???
Why Americans are permanent fixtures in the Mid East can be summed up in 3 images:
Top-left: wealthy Jewish political donors are only loyal to Israel
Top-right: these Jews account for the majority of donations
Bottom-right: US politicans serve these Jewish donors, not Americans
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7 Oct 19
"Jews are individuals, not a monolith." This is empirically false.

Do Jews have special legal protections as a group? Yes.
Do whites? No.

Do Jewish orgs advocate for Jewish group rights? Yes.
Do whites? No.

Do Jews get entitlements because they are Jewish? Yes.
Do whites? No.
Do Jews participate in philanthropy specifically for Jewish causes? Yes.
Do whites? No.

Do Jews litigate to protect Jewish group interests? Yes.
Do whites? No.

Do all Jews benefit from the above mentioned points, either actively or passively? Yes.
Do whites? No.
Louis Marshall, founder of the American Jewish Committee once said:
"I am trying to avoid the creation of a political organization that will be looked upon as indicative of a purpose (demonstrating) that Jews have interests different from those of other American citizens." LOL 👇
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30 Sep 19
1. A popular "Conservative" pundit is working with an Israelis to censor Americans while claiming to be a champion of free speech. He was the first to retweet their call to ban my account, and also among their first followers.

Let's talk about the Jewish war on free speech.
2. Before we begin, it is necessary to point out that earlier last month this "Conservative" reported about the "threat" of social media censorship. Yet, three weeks later, he participated in a Jewish campaign to censor a fellow American.
3. In adopting this role of Anti-Semitism Policeman, he has betrayed the foundational American principle of free speech and given credence to the claim that "hate speech is not free speech." Has he forgotten the importance of free speech? Perhaps a refresher is in order...
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