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Random guy that talks about news. For some reason people seem to trust me more than the actual news people. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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23 Jun 20
THREAD: Time to talk this past month's war on statues. People began targeting them as a form of protest against what they see as racism.

But now Shaun King says Jesus is next

And Trump said this earlier today
So what better time to reflect on all the different incidents that led us up to this point?

I'm not going to get into the political weeds about whatever or not each individual statue vandalism/removal is justified. I want to get this whole thread done in under 100 tweets. Lol.
1.) May 28th (Louisville, Kentucky): Hand of the King Louis XVI statue ripped off. (video via
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20 Jun 20
(UK): "3 people reported dead and many more stabbed in reading town forbury gardens." -- video via
I'm not a big account so I'm assuming some kind of coordinated effort here
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15 Jun 20
AMERICA is being DDOS'ed
"I work in telecom. This isn't a normal maintenance down this is a DDoS type of attack. You can still use mobile data but calling texting is down, that means it's specifically targeting those bands. This is serious actually"
"All major cell phone providers across the United States are currently suffering from major outages stemming from the DDoS attack(s)"
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11 Jun 20
At the top of the hour is Sony's #PS5 event.…
Any minute now
weird way to start but hey
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2 Jun 20
USA protests/riots thread gonna continue from HERE. I honestly didn't expect to need a part 2, which is why I held off for so long.

But here we are. =/
6 Atlanta police officers charged in forceful arrests of college students in car…
"Tuesday’s #GeorgeFloyd protest in Manhattan starts in Foley Square with a #BlackLivesMatter chant. Hundreds of people still flooding into the area." -- video via
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28 May 20
Minnesota needs Jesus. And roof Koreans. Image
Minnesota riot THREAD from Sophia Narwitz
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10 Apr 20
People are luring Instacart shoppers with big tips -- and then changing them to zero…
Tracy Morgan: 'We've all got to pull together' and stop blaming Trump on #Coronavirus…
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7 Apr 20
Heart Damage in [#Coronavirus] Patients Puzzles Doctors…
#Coronavirus: Facebook to produce 'heat maps' of COVID-19 infections…
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22 Mar 20
#Coronavirus: Scrub a dub dubbing subway cars in Venezuela
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12 Mar 20
California says "HEY, you got a gathering of 250 people or more going on anytime soon? If so, please don't." #Coronavirus
Hillsborough closes Farnell Middle School citing #coronavirus case…
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29 Feb 20
New #Coronavirus thread starts now. Click this tweet and scroll up and you'll eventually get back to January 23rd. Have fun with that.
Starting soon.
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21 Feb 20
Another suicide in #Coronavirus-ridden China
China’s Hubei to add #Coronavirus cases back to tally after methodology change…
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27 Jan 20
New #Coronavirus thread. Tagging someone in this tweet makes me paranoid I ruined it.

The old thread is here though
Here's what the #Coronavirus hospital looks like, 4 days of construction later. They're working as fast as they can but is it too late, regardless?
Family members cry as their loved ones get bused off to a #Coronavirus quarantine zone in Wuhan
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23 Jan 20
Going to tweet about #CoronavirusOutbreak until I have a full enough understanding of what's going on.
Coronavirus cases rise to nearly 650 worldwide as new countries confirm infections…
Deadly coronavirus is MUCH more contagious than feared: Medics confirm the disease that has killed 17 can be spread third hand by a simple COUGH – as Singapore, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia become the latest countries to confirm cases…
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18 Dec 19
Halifax ‘grooming gang’: Police officer among 16 men charged with sexually abusing girls…
DIVERSITY HIRE: Amjad Ditta, the West Yorkshire Police officer now under fire for being a part of a grooming gang? "I am the Positive Action Co-ordinator for West Yorkshire Police. My role involves recruiting, maintaining and promoting under represented groups within the force."
How aware was this "Hope not Hate" group of Amjad Ditta's grooming gang activities?…
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