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23 May 20
The Lancet article attached made the claim that #Hydroxychloroquine doesn't work & that it kills people. Their goal was to prove Pres Trump wrong.

I just analyzed the data and am going to destroy this fraudulent junk science hit-job on #HCQ.

Let's start with conflicting research by Dr. Daniel J. Wallace at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in California who has the largest medical practice in the US treating Lupus patients. He has used #HCQ safely w/ his patients for >30 yrs. 0 of them have #Covid19…
The Lancet did not do a clinical trial. They scoured the world looking for data to support their bias against #HCQ.

HCQ is proven already to be less toxic than Chloroquine.

So Lancet added people given Chloroquine to their HCQ group. Lumped together. Why? To bias the data.
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12 Apr 20
I have good news & bad news about #Hydroxychloroquine #HCQ

Good: The French study from Dr Didier #Raoult & 1 of 2 Chinese studies demonstrated efficacy BEYOND placebo. Not anecdotal but not large.


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More good news: The efficacy was for #HCQ in combination w/ #Azithromycin. #DrZelenko adds #Zn. In 3-4 days viral load was reduced below placebo. Hospitalization time reduced. Pres Trump was told a large clinical trial was starting Mon. March 30 in NYC of 1K patients.

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More good news: @DrAnthonyF said at briefing last week for us to track the trials (plural) at

The bad news:. It's Apr 12 and if you look under Hydroxychloroquine or HCQ in NY State, it shows no such trial has started for #Covid19. Recruiting Not Started
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4 Apr 20
Let's debate and agree now what criteria must be in place to restart the economy. Inspired by a challenge from @ScottAdamsSays

1. Phased region specific ( not all areas at once)
2. 3 day consecutive declining death rate
3. Hospital capacity 80% full or less including assembled field hospitals
4. Partition population into 5 risk categories of survivng infection and phase return from high to low survival risk A-E.
A Recovered from virus/immunity antibodies confirmed

B <Age 30 No high risk health conditions
C 30-60 No high risk health conditions
D <45 max of 1 high risk factor
E Everyone else not infected

6. Wear face mask in public if lacking key antibodies until < 1 infection per 10K people.

7. Social distancing until therapy or vaccine
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23 Jan 20
Both sides agree there was no investigation into the Biden's after Pres Trump's #Ukraine call.

The Dems are arguing that when Trump asked Pres Zelensky to do us a favor & look into American corruption there, that was impeachable.


If there is an interest to our nation as a whole to investigate, whether it would benefit Pres Trump personally is irrelevant.

All of us including Dems should agree that if a future President had committed acts that allow a foreign power to blackmail him, we should know that.
Therefore Trump is not only is allowed to ask for such information, it is his duty as President to defend our nation by doing so.

Yes, the investigation that didn't happen would have been in the interests of our nation.

Not impeachable.

Time to vote.

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5 Jun 19
I listened to 30 minutes of NPR on my commute this morning to see how neutral it was.

I was SHOCKED at how far left it has become. They should call it NELR for NATIONAL EXTREME-LEFT RADIO

6:political stories and 4 nonpolitical. I will touch on just the political ones.
Look at the NPR Left spin on all things political. This is truly laughable.

Story 1: The real reason Trump and GOP supporters want a citizenship question on the census isn't to know who is in our country. It is because they are racists. A court will rule soon if allowed.
Story 3 NPR We'd:. 2 guys in the US interviewed who are visual artists. First is a "Queer Mexican Undocumented person". Second is a gender non-conforming person. Interviewer treats them with reverence for their extreme elite status in the Liberal world. One complained ...
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5 Feb 19
I heard your speech @SenSchumer trashing President Trump, America, and his SOTU Address before it even started.

Pres Trump is way ahead of schedule delivering on his promises & restoring greatness to America.

Your contribution Chuck has been to OBSTRUCT & LIE.
We see what you are doing Chuck. You are very comfortable lying because you do it on a daily basis to undermine the President and have the MSM Fake News to cover you.

You pretend to be for border security but do all in your power to stop The Wall construction.
Although Pres Trump is winning on our economy and resolving foreign conflicts to bring, the areas where we are not doing great is where Schumer & Pelosi are obstructing: #BorderSecurity, drug flow across the border to lethally poison our people, & burden of illegals.
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21 Dec 18
Senator Chuck #Schumer just launched a mean-spirited and grossly unfair tirade against President Trump. He thinks he can get away with it because the MSM has his back and Republicans are too timid to call him out

out on it. Schumer miscalculated I am going to expose him for who he is in this thread for all to see.

Our political leaders of eras past used to debate ideas and compromised. They predomonantly had the welfare of America at heart. So when they disagreed they had an ...
over-riding objective of serving the people.

What the Democrats do now is follow the lead of the most execrable member of the Senate: Chuck Schumer. Sure, Menendez is a pervert but Schumer is calculatingly evil.

There are 2 issues at play here:. 1) securing the border ...
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25 Nov 18
Amanda will never smile again. Never teach 6th grade again after brutally run over by an illegal alien.

Why wasn't he deported?
2 reasons:
1. Liberal judges opposing Trump
2. Democrats need the votes.

RT if you are outraged.

We are all #AmandaFergusonWeyant

These activist judges preventing President Trump from doing his job of protecting our border have blood on their hands.

As do Pelosi and Schumer blocking DJT from getting a wall.

@SCOTUS are you part of the problem or the solution? John Roberts should call out the 9th Circuit.
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19 Jun 18
Beautiful Skylar was separated from her parents permanently. She never saw. Sweet 16.

Because there are no political pts in it for Democrats, they couldn't care less about it.

I will never forget Skylar, killed by a drunk illegal back home.

@BothwellJeremy The man who killed her was listed in the paper. It said his blood alcohol content was > 0.08, the legal limit.

I did my own digging. He was an illegal alien (why hide it from people), and his BAC=0.232. Driving wrong way on divided highway at nt. Head on crash. So avoidable.
She was actually only 15. You know what makes me angry? The media tried to bury it. Just avoid printing his illegal alien history. His previous drunk driving at 15. And his actual BAC.

This PC culture is going to get the next Skylar killed. Stop the illegal border invasion.
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17 May 18
How did life originate? Our schools now teach that it was by evolution and not by intelligent design by our creator.

Thread ...

They conflate macro evolution with micro evolution and sideways evolution. They mostly do not allow what is effectively a religion of evolution to be questioned.

There is plenty of repeatable evidence for sideways evolution. It occurs in bacteria routinely. There are ...
There are thousands of species of beetles in different shapes with slightly varying features. No one disputes a common ancestor beetle.

As much as we have been lied to about Climate Change and other "settled science" by these same humanists who took over our education ...
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26 Feb 18
We all sense it. The coordinated effort to take out the NRA. Media all in with staged, scripted, coached youth. Excitement instead of grieving from many on the Left
Hogg flown up here to NJ to agitate.

Let me explain to you all in a couple of tweets exactly what is going on.
We all agree we want to eliminate deaths of students in school. We disagree on how to make that happen.

This isn't a debate on whether to protect life. It is now a debate about what is most effective and about our freedom.

We will make a rational decision based on facts
Dan Bongino, Dana L. and others are helping now to cut through the media emotion propaganda and operate on facts. 2 + 2 = 4. Just because some Leftist Soros-aligned bureaucrat says it is 5 doesn't make it so.

We need to be clear about what their end game is. They want 2 ....
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