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15 Apr
_*Modi Government and Farmers Bill:
I was in school when late Narasimha Rao opened up India to foreign companies and industries. Then there was a huge furore that we will be enslaved by foreign companies like that of East India company again and we will be slaves of foreigners.
Leading the pack who protested were Indian companies like Bajaj who had a monopoly on two-wheelers and Hindustan Motors ( Ambassador which was the only car then) and then the usual suspects like Communists (they were still powerful in those days) Workers' union leaders and media.
I never understood why we should protest when we are getting Fords, Hondas, to the Indian market as it will create more jobs and give us better cars than those horrible Ambassador cars. I was like we should also start growing like China and Korea.
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13 Apr
Here is a nicely compiled list of steps taken by Mamata Banerjee in process of practicing the Muslim appeasement politics in Bengal, to cement her Muslim vote bank.
Mamata Banerjee's Muslim Appeasement Politics

Within an year of storming into power, Mamata announced stipend for Imams and Muezzins
When this was challenged in the Calcutta High Court, the High Court ruled against it
But the cunning CM, diverted this fund to the State Waqf Board and has thus spent 126 crore rupees annually to fund Muslim clerics in this so-called secular democracy.
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8 Apr
A thread on how the LEFTS ruined bengal industry.
Past few days a lot many left leaders in bengal are harping the singur/nandigram line..how momta damaged the industry there.its true she damaged it but is it only momta to be blamed..NO..the left started it..how lets understand.
The left always portrayed themselves as a party for thw poor,labours,sharmiks,peasents,farmers(poor) & the opressed class..becoz that was their style of politics best suited.keep them labours,keep them uneducated so that they follow u with strong beliefs
From 1967 till 1978 bengal was leading the hosiery manufacture in india.the then central govt increased the taxes on raw material(linen,raw thread) & left front opposed.they called for a 144 days nonstop strike..as a result many small manufacturers shut their units.
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7 Apr
Have been with bjp bengal for a long time..happen to be a member of few committes too in bjp bengal..there was a time when many wanted NAMO/MOTABHAI to impose art 356(presidents rule)in the state..many includes some big shot handles.i always opposed it.was vocal as well.
At that time many questioned me,said i have become arrogant ..innocent karyakartas lives dnt matter to me..i took it.
It mattered to me..coz few happened to be my friends who lost their lives..i was & am still a karyakarta..been beaten,bruised,wounded,charged with false cases.
Never gave up..kept the fight on.but never wanted art 356 imposition in state of west bengal.
Reason is today we stand at the door of victory.imposing art 356 would have given wings to tmc & bjp would not have been able to capitalize.
Momta wanted it to be imposed.
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29 Mar
A complete thread on some dark chapters.
Some questions & answers about 3 ex prime minister of INDIA.

Q1)who is the lady thusu rehman bai?
A1)she happens to be the mother of Pandit jawaharlal nehru.
Q2)who is the father of jawaharlal nehru?
A2)mir.mobarak Ali.

Q3)what is the relationship between motilal nehru & jawaharlal nehru?
A3)motilal is the second husband of thusu rehman bai,whom he married after mobarak Ali passed away.motilal used to work under mobarak Ali.
so motilal nehru happens to be the step father of jawaharlal nehru.
Q4)is jawaharlal nehru a kashmiri Pandit by birth?
A4)No. mom & dad both are Muslims.
Q5)Did jawaharlal nehru get his name becoz of his step father?
A5)might be,not to sure,bt motilal was never a kashmiri Pandit
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16 Jan
June 19, 1971 --- When a world-famous Bengali doctor hung from a ceiling fan, these leftists still laughed.
The name of the person who committed suicide is Dr. Subhash Mukherjee.
Born on Jan 17,1931 in Hazaribagh.He graduated from Calcutta National Medical College in 1955 with degree in Physiology. He received doctorate in reproductive physiology from the university in 1958 & doctorate in reproductive endocrinology from the University of Edinburgh in 1986
With the help of cryobiologist Suneet Mukherjee and gynecologist Sarojkanti Bhattacharya, Dr.Mukherjee gave birth to Baby Durga alias Kanupriya Agarwal, the first test tube baby in Asia and the second in the world, without any modern laboratory or equipment. October 3, 1986.
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8 Sep 20
Nehru and his antics:
Why did Sir C V Raman throw Nehru’s bust on the floor and smashed the Bharat Ratna given to him by Nehru government????
He was the first Asian to have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Physical Science. (1)..
C V Raman , a man of exceptional intelligence, ethics and principles lived a life of dignity and contributed his entire service towards Nation, a man who dreamt of seeing India as World Leader in Science and Research.
With limited resources and accessibility, he achieved something which changed the belief of many scientist in the world. CV Raman had two lives, one as a common financial bureaucratic who was working for the government to earn his livelihood and the other of a mysterious man.
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