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17 Oct
Airtel can now collect and share your personal information with third parties (a thread)
Airtel's updated Privacy Policy says Airtel can now collect sensitive personal information such as sexual orientation, genetic information and also data related to Political opinions, Religious beliefs, Psychological data, sex life, Financial data, Health, passwords (2/n)
Trade Union Membership and share all of this with third parties. It can also share this data with Government agencies and authorised law enforcement agencies.

Airtel will not take accountability for any data leaks in case the Airtel systems are hacked. (3/n)
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6 Oct
The government has set up a committee to rewrite all of our criminal laws. Here's why the Committee should be disbanded. (A thread)
Criminal laws define the limits of what we can do without the fear of punishment. They are meant to have safeguards to ensure that the police, the Government, and those in power cannot jail, punish or kill people at will.
All indications suggest that this committee has been set up to widen the net of criminal laws and to dilute what safeguards exist to prevent unfair prosecutions/persecution and wrongful convictions.
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5 Oct
Everyday casteism ( a thread ) #DalitWomenRise
1. You’re casteist if you say, “You don’t look like a Dalit”.

2. You are casteist if you believe calling a savarna “a savarna” is casteism.

3. You are casteist if you say, “We LET the Dalits speak".
4. You are casteist if, you say Hindu festivals have nothing to do with ‘caste’. "It’s Indian culture & I have a ‘choice’ to celebrate them and not politicize everything like you do."

5. You’re casteist if you say, ‘Why you bring caste angle in everything’.
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25 Sep
Why the Indian Farmers are protesting (a thread):
#AntiFarmerBJP #AntiFarmerBills
The farmers are protesting against the Three New Farmer Bills, the new bills and amendments are anti-farmer in nature.
1.The Farmers’ Produce Trade and Commerce Ordinance, 2020:
It allows intra-state and inter-state trade of farmers’ produce beyond the physical premises of APMC markets. State governments are prohibited from levying any market fee, cess, or levy outside APMC areas.
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20 Aug
Stop calling people 'misandrist' when they say "Men are trash".
First of all, we KNOW that good men exist, 'surprisingly' we know that. Using a simple snake metaphor by Jesse Vhasy, "We all know that snakes are dangerous, yet there are some snakes which are not deadly. (1/n)
However, you never hear people say ‘some snakes are dangerous, some are not’. They just say, ‘snakes are dangerous’ because it is hard for the person to tell which snakes are dangerous and which snakes are not, so they urge people to be cautious of all snakes." (2/n)
"Men Are Trash" is like saying "Fruits are sweet." Not all fruits are sweet but we don't say "fruits are sweet but some fruits are sour", it's simple linguistic understanding. It’s common sense-we say it because there are more than enough men to make us feel afraid(3/n)
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