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Aquatic ecologist. Watershed development effects, stream ecology, conservation biology of native trout in SW Alberta. A Timberwolf Wilderness Society Director
26 Sep
I hesitated a long time before posting this thread. I'm doing so because I went to a lot of trouble to try to verify the claims being made, & became increasingly disturbed by what I was finding. I hope those more qualified will take this up, fix, & improve on it.
HCW open letter
Western Standard, a far right propaganda organ, has published an open letter purportedly from >3500 self-identifying health care workers, in which they oppose mandatory vaccination for all Alberta Health Services staff.
There is a great deal of disinformation in the WS article & in the letter itself that is dangerous if left unchallenged. Others with specialist credentials will refute these false claims, but I want to add my observations here as a scientist educated to evaluate evidence.
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21 Jul
Just a note that the Forest Management Agreement area described in the text & shown on the map in this story includes both Castle Provincial Park & Castle Wildland Park. Both were excluded from logging under the previous NDP government.— cochranenow.com/articles/first…
See also the government news release: alberta.ca/release.cfm?xI…
The caption says only that the Castle Provincial Park is excluded from the agreement. The governing plan is the seriously out of date 2010 Forest Management Plan, which includes plans to log both park areas.
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