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7 Apr
phil addressing the drama, a thread
he didn’t want to address it on twitter and wanted to do it on stream
he’s only going to address his issues and no one else’s
he tweeted a screenshot of a message sent to him by an old friend.
this was 8 years ago and he doesn’t agree with his friend
he’s apologising to the people who saw the screenshot who were hurt, not the people using it as ammunition to hurt him and not educate him
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6 Apr
the account @/dreamstakens is a scam. it is a merch giveaway account with 8k followers that unfortunately doesn’t actually give away merch. me and a close moot of mine both won a giveaway post, however we were both ignored by the account after it told us to dm them. 1/4
they kept telling us they were out or not at home, and after a day we got into a groupchat with all other winners, and they had the exact same experience. after calling out the account, me and most other winners were blocked, but i have gone back on my priv and it is still - 2/4
- doing fake giveaways. when i won the giveaway i was so excited, i was shaking and neatly cried as i didn’t get a chance to get the 20 million merch. it was so so upsetting to find out it was a fake, and as they have blocked everyone they are now doing it again. 3/4
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6 Apr
hi so i’m nd (not trying to hide behind it just something to note) and was wondering if someone could pls explain old tweet drama to me? it’s kinda hard to explain my current understanding of it, but in simple terms i understand why people are upset over the tweets, 1/4
i am as well, but don’t really understand how they are of any significance now? i’ve said a lot of very bad stuff in the past, but i wasn’t educated then and i am now? 2/4
this will probably get me cancelled but i genuinely don’t understand it because i tend to see everything in black and white, and i feel like i shouldn’t when it comes to these situations and it’s kinda stressful trying to understand the grey area 3/4
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