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Unapologetically #Libertarian. Had to be drug kicking and screaming, but finally on the Trump train. You lefties pushed me into the boxcar. #IStandWithGenFlynn
24 Jan 19
Want to stop the press from lying? I can tell you how. I'll make it easy for you. First, you go to the Podesta FARA filings and you find the list of news organizations, elected officials, senate committees and everything else. Then, just pick one. THERE ARE PAGES.
Then, you go to your trusty Manafort court filings and find the crimes. That's simple. Mueller made it pretty concise. Then, you contact said entity and ask them to explain why they're mentioned in court documents related to foreign governments using news to affect US policy.
@thehill Hey guys, can you explain the contents of the email from the lobbyists working for the Ukraine affecting US policy back in 2012? I know you're part of the story, but can you start covering this? Seriously guys, this is a serious national security incident.
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