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20 Aug
Only the most magical thinking would lead anyone to think this *wouldn’t* happen

It’s completely predictable
Penn State also having shocking, surprising, unpredictable problems with large student gatherings…
A party at a frat

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17 Aug
Let’s see, what’s the worst way to do this...

Bring thousands of students to campus

They infect each other

We send them back home!
Notre Dame had everyone test before they came to campus

Only 0.28% tested positive

Since opening, 12% of tests are positive… ImageImage
To be clear:

1) 0.28% positive rate is among the 11,386 tested before campus opened. 33 tested positive & were told to stay away

2) 12% positive rate is among the 508 tested since campus opened. 58 new cases identified after students returned.
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15 Jun
Can/should any college resume in-person classes this fall?

Best scenario I can see:

small rural college

real estate cheap, so solo dorm rooms feasible

quarantine upon arrival followed by testing

use all campus facilities to allow six-foot distancing in classrooms

In this scenario there are still no college-sponsored group events, sports, parties

Is this bare-bones version of residential-college life worth the risks? Worth the cost of room and board?

I just don't get how so many presidents are confident about re-opening in person

See this thread about experience of a class of new Army recruits

Universal testing upon arrival

*22% infected within a few weeks*

And this is the ARMY FFS

Typical college environment is a tad less disciplined than Fort Benning


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30 Apr
Have I mentioned

I homeschooled my son two years (grades 7 & 8) & my daughter one year (grade 7)

The joy is in letting them go down rabbit holes

My advice: do the minimum the school requires

spend the found time on topic(s) they pick

Then find cool stuff 1/N
My son got totally into Roman history and culture

Books about weaponry

Historical fiction

Horrible Histories

Fantastic BBC videos and games (Rome a big part of British curriculum)

Learning Latin 2/N
My daughter got into evolution, which her school had tiptoed around

Biographies of scientists

Big History, from Big Bang through present (books, videos)

Visiting museums (many have virtual visits)

Museum of Natural History has awesome app that turns your face Neanderthal

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20 Jan
For insightful research on for-profit colleges see Professor Stephanie Cellini @srcellini…
The Center for Budget and Policy Priorities had great statistics on college funding…
Economists Andrew Barr and Sarah Turner have done great work on recessions and schooling @turnersarahe
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12 Dec 19
Seems a good time to re-up this…
This write-up is a bit longer and academic…
Another good piece on standardized testing for college admissions…
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6 Sep 19
Low-income students need financial support to succeed in college

But half of community colleges don't offer loans to students who are eligible for them

New evidence shows the harm done…
More than half of community colleges don't offer loans…
It's not that these community colleges don't formally participate in the federal loan program

It's that they *don't package loans for students*

More than half of community colleges that participate in the loan program don't package loans
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13 Jul 19
We've talked salary transparency & how it helps women get equitable pay

Let's talk HONORARIA which are even more opaque

bc they are irregular it's particularly hard to know norms

Please reply with your honorarium experience

$, type of talk (academic, industry, non-profit)
I'll start

Academic seminars: rare & low; up to $2k

Academic public lectures: more common; $1-5k

Industry: I don't do these

Non-profits: almost never $

For extended visit w multiple talks & meetings, $ more common

Best ever: $25K for a 10-day visit to a foreign uni 😳
These numbers are MY experience. Interested to see how yours differ.
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18 Mar 19
Alan Krueger brought economics to life for me

His work inspired me to become an economist

He was not just brilliant, but kind

He engaged deeply with public policy

Tremendous loss

Please share your memories, whether you knew the man or just his work…
Krueger's paper with Josh Angrist on the returns to schooling is on every labor economics and methods syllabus.

Their partnership was enormously influential.
The Angrist-Krueger quarter-of-birth paper stirred a conversation across the discipline about instrumental variables and identification that now underpins modern applied economics

It is hard to overstate its influence
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21 Jun 18
Holy crap Raj Chetty is talking at the @fordschool TODAY

Raj Chetty event 1/N
Just a third of that trend due to slowed economic growth. 2/3 due to reduced economic mobility 2/N
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15 Jun 18
Does Harvard discriminate against Asians in admissions?

Evidence says no, by my reading of the evidence in this case. /THREAD…
Key charge of the plaintiffs: Asian applicants have high test scores & grades, so should represesent more of the Harvard class than they do 2/N
But grades/scores are NOT determinative of Harvard admission. Harvard could fill a class many times over with perfect grades & scores. 3/N
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31 May 18
Are you a tenured associate wondering whether it's time to go up for full? A thread of thoughts.

Full profs, please chime in. 1/N
Schools and departments vary much more on this transition than on tenure.

Look at CVs in your field, dept, uni. What's typical time between associate and full? From PhD to full? 2/N
Every case I have seen involved an assoc asking to come up for full. No one is going to tap you on the shoulder. 3/N
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14 May 18
For 80 years, unions have reduced income inequality. Great work from a stellar team of Princeton economists.


This is the historic relationship that motivates the study: as union density has dropped, inequality has risen
Within year, there is a well-established (negative) relationship between unions and inequality. The authors use new data to show this holds going back to the 1930s.
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11 May 18
Annual reminder that the Current Population Survey can't be used to measure gaps in educational attainment between those who grew up rich and poor…
The CPS is awesome for tracking education of the entire population.

Yay for high-quality, cross-sectional, government statistics! 2/N
The CPS is NO GOOD at telling us how adults' educational attainment differs by childhood socioeconomic status. 3/N
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24 Mar 18
I am here to tout a policy that is supported by both policy and personal anecdote. 1/N…
Evidence shows requiring students take ACT/SAT for free during school hours, reveals many low-income, non-white, talented students. See links in article.
Similarly, universal testing for gifted/talented programs in K12 reveal tons of low-income, nonwhite children. Again, links in piece. 3/N
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