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8 Apr

The UK

A Nation of Equals?

The Scots, Welsh and N Irish Nationalists constantly complain that the UK isn’t a Nation of Equals

That’s actually very hard to be when England makes up c85% of the population of the UK

Let me show you how unequal the UK really is

- Income -

The disparity in income across the UK is quite large. Here’s a dataset which shows the income for the 4 home nations from 1999 to 2019

Although Scotland’s income per head is higher than England’s since 1999 that’s only because of past oil revenues

You can see that Scotland’s income has fallen behind England’s in the last 5 years. Wales and NI are an economic disaster. England is now keeping the entire UK going with its higher income levels and we should be grateful for that
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11 Feb

Let me explain why I believe the SNP have taken the Indy poll to around 50%

IMHO this is multi faceted

There has been a nationalist movement in Scotland for years. It gained traction in the 80’s due to two events. Oil and Thatcher

The oil revenues in the 80’s pointed

towards a possible different future for Scotland. The money generated was enormous but the money went south

This created a sense of anger that somehow we had been cheated

The other was Thatcher. The deindustrialisation of Scotland began in the early 80’s. The blame, and

some of that blame was correctly attributed, was all put on the Thatcher Government

The main beneficiary though wasn’t the Nationalists, it was Labour

Nationalism subsided again until devolution arrived. Labour wanted to cement their stranglehold of Scottish politics.
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6 Feb

Just remember this

We all know Nationalists. They’re our friends, partners and family

From personal knowledge, every single one I have ever came across or know base their Nationalism on two precepts

1: That WM is corrupt and we can do things better

2: England/rUK is stealing our money and if we were independent we could keep all that money for ourselves

Firstly, no one comes close to the corruption in the Scottish Gov. They have totally corrupted all the organs of Gov

The civil service has been co-opted into the

Nationalist family. The judiciary has been corrupted to the level that it need to be de natified

The Schools have been corrupted to the degree that they push Nationalist propaganda

The media has been cowed to the degree that they rarely criticise the Scot Gov
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26 Jan

Corruption in Scotland

Scotland is corrupt. There’s no two ways about it. The SNP have blurred the lines between the Party, the State and the Judiciary and the Media

All four are supposed to be separate but in Scotland they’ve almost merged into one thing

All at the behest of the most corrupt politician in Europe

Nicola Sturgeon

She has blatantly lied to Holyrood about when she first heard of the allegations against Alex Salmond. She said it was the beginning of April 2018 when she first heard. Geoff Aberdein, under oath

at Alex Salmond’s trial said that he met with Sturgeon 4 days or so earlier to discuss the allegations. Read the piece by Craig Murray. There are witnesses that contradict Sturgeons view

That she lied in Holyrood isn’t in doubt. That the crown office is covering up for her
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25 Jan

How Scotland spends England’s money and lies about it!

Ask any leftie journalist in London

Who runs their economies better. Scotland or England?

I’ll bet that the vast majority of them say Scotland does


Because they’ll point to free Uni tuition, baby boxes etc etc

Unfortunately they’ve been had. They’ve been taken in by the best propagandists since the Third Reich and what worse. They’re happy to be taken in by the SNP

As far as they’re concerned. Any anti Tory is good by them!

Unfortunately none of it is true

None of it

How can I prove that none of it is true?

Easy. All one needs to do is read the ONS Country and regional accounts

It details the revenues and expenditures for all four UK Countries 👇


And what does it say?
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23 Jan

The SNP versus the Law

The SNP is in trouble. They know it and we know it. It’s almost certain that Nicola Sturgeon will need to resign for lying to Holyrood

This explains the frantic calls for another referendum

Brexit is done and the sky didn’t fall in

This removes their number one Bête Noire. A Disastrous hard Brexit

They were banking on that happening. There will be, and are, difficulties with the new trading arrangements but these will play out over years and will be sorted one way or another

The Law

As it stands, the SNP cannot call another referendum without the permission of the UK Parliament

Some people dispute this, including many in the SNP

So. What’s the alternative?

The could call a non binding non legal referendum but what’s the point

Unionist will
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23 Nov 20

The missing Scottish Referendum of 2021

Every day we hear Nationalists and their politicians go on about another referendum in 2021

It’s not happening. It’s never going to be happening and Sturgeon knows it’s not going to be happening

Why not?

Well. That’s easy

For one thing, the SNP simply cannot call a referendum. Sure, they can hold a non binding referendum, but even that would be subject to legal challenge

They simply can’t have a legal referendum because legally, they don’t have the power to call one

That power resides in WM

and only WM. Referendums are reserved and a Section 30 order is needed in order to have one

Boris Johnson is not going to allow one. He’s already said so and stated that the referendum in 2014 must be respected. Not only because it was the biggest turnout in British History
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21 Nov 20

Although this is over 4 years old it should terrify every single person in Scotland


Nicola Sturgeon has decided, that for her, her teenage dream of destroying the British state is more important than just about anything in her life Image

And many Scots also agree with her

If you look to Africa you will find Poverty, corruption and third world countries. The reason why most of Africa is still poor is because they do not have developed advanced economy

Without a developed advanced economy you simply cannot

have good health care, good education or decent welfare. All of these come from having a good economy. We all look to the Scandinavian countries and admire their systems. Their excellent health, education and welfare systems. They only have these because their economy
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2 Nov 20

(- Follow the Money! -)

A Forensic walk through who receives Fiscal Grants in the UK and who pays for them......

In every country in the world every citizen either receives from the state or contributes to the state

This also applies to regions within countries. In Germany, for instance, most people and regions will receive fiscal grants, and these will be paid for by the richest parts of Germany



The same happens in the UK. Only three regions of the UK run fiscal surpluses (they create more wealth than they spend). They are

The East
The South East

But what happens at the country level?

That’s easy. There is a very simple formula to calculate whether
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17 Oct 20

Lying in the Workplace

Everyone who works has told lies in the workplace. You might have covered up for a colleague or lied about why you were late

Everyone does it, but these lies have little consequence

However, lying about the big things does

If you lied to your boss

about how much work you did for a client could get you sacked

Lying to your board of directors about the financial state of your company could get you sacked and possibly investigated by the police

Lying about the future prospects of the division you lead could get you


Lying about your pupils in your school could get you sacked

In virtually every walk of like you can get sacked for lying in the workplace, with one exception


Politics appears to be the only profession where you can easily get away with lying
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17 Oct 20

I’ve been publishing datasets for 5 years now

Not one single mainstream Scottish politician has even retweeted them

Not one!

They show the horrific state of our finances

I don’t give a fuck if we vote Indy. I’ll be living in England by then

Countries get the

Politicians they deserve. If Scotland wants a country run by sexual deviants, Liars, Thieves, Criminals, Anti Semites etc etc then that’s what it will get

I won’t be bothered in the least because by then I’ll be living in England and will do what I can to inform the English

just how much Scotland, Wales and NI have ripped them off and constantly complain than the English don’t subsidise them enough

According to the Regional ONS report England has given the rUK around £425bn over the last 21 years

Not only did England have to borrow this
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15 Oct 20

Indy Scotland. This is how it goes

Scotland becomes independent in a referendum. 62% to 38%

Even before the referendum property prices have fallen and the financial industry has started to relocate to England. Wealthier Scots with liquid assets have moved them to England

The emotion pull of Independence has proved too much for the unionists. The young vote for it in their droves. Nicola Sturgeon has said that Scotland will be a model for other societies. Welcoming, inclusive and outward looking

But clouds are on the horizon

The Tories

have stated time and time again that Scotland’s finances are in a perilous state but the SNP say it’s just propaganda

The SNP say that they will use the pound and no one can stop them

Within a few weeks of the vote, the reality bites. Since Scotland will become
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23 Aug 20

This video is pretty shocking. Here we have Sturgeon lying through her teeth to @afneil and unfortunately he missed it

Sturgeon tell Andrew Neil that Scotland has sent some £300bn to the treasury in oil revenues. That’s simply not true

She’s not only deliberately lying but she’s also putting out a number without telling anyone what it means

For a start, Scotland’s oil revenues since 1980 were £162bn so where does the £300bn come from?

She’s using the real value of oil (after inflation) instead of the

cash value of oil, but where does she get this data from?

Turns out that she got it from GERS and Historic GERS. The accounts that the Nationalists say isn’t accurate which makes it odd that she would quote it

It also turns out that she got her number wrong. As of 2018/19
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2 May 20

How have the SNP managed to stay so high in the polls despite so many things going backwards in Scotland?

Easy. They’ve invoked the Scottish equivalent of the Palestinian protocols

For those not au fait with the Middle East this is how it works

Palestinians see the

Israelis as their enemy. An enemy to be hated, vilified, despised and attacked at every opportunity

In Scotland the SNP are the Palestinians and the Tories are the Israelis

To hate Tories in Scotland under the SNP isn’t only totally normal but it is also to be encouraged

This hatred of Israelis is so inculcated into their psyche that Palestinians see absolutely nothing wrong in murdering Israelis. It doesn’t matter what age or sex. Even children are to be murdered and when these murders happen the Palestinian authorities actually pay the
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15 Mar 20

The War Between the Virus and Humanity

COVID-19 has driven much of Europe into a state of desperation and panic

Italy and Spain are in lockdown and France has ordered all Bars, Restaurant, Theatres etc to be closed

Has there been a mass extinction?

Has there been millions

of Casualties

Has civilisation descended into chaos and Anarchy?

The answer to all three is No

Europe has fallen into mass panic about a virus that will probably kill 1-2% of those who catch it

Most of the people who will die are likely to be elderly

and in poor health or have underlying health problems

Tonight, around 200 scientists and medical experts have written to the Government questioning their strategy on the virus and asking them to change course

Before I go into the details of the strategy let me take you
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3 Feb 20

The abject failure of the Unionist cause in Scotland

Most, if not all of you, will now be aware of the latest opinion polls showing support at independence at around the 50% mark or just above that

The primary reason for this is Brexit. Since most people in Scotland

want to stay in the EU then this makes more of them look at the possibility of independence, which is understandable to some degree

Despite the polls moving more towards independence it is actually further away than it was last week


The Law. The EU would not even

countenance any form of recognition for any type of referendum that was not legally watertight and recognised by WM

That has come as a shock to the SNP and their followers as they thought that the EU would disregard everything they believe in for the sake of Scotland
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16 Jan 20

Nationalists are a weird lot. Not only weird but downright dangerous to boot

We, who live in Europe, are well aware of the murderous aims of previous Nationalist regimes. From the Nazis, to Petain, the Spanish and the Serbians. They all had one ting in common. They all fully

believe that they are/were right and everyone else is/was wrong

In recent times we have seen Basque and Irish Nationalists embark on murderous campaigns to kill, torture and murder innocent men, women and children

These nationalists had many supporters, not only inside

their countries but outside as well. In Scotland, we have our own version of Nationalism. Not the murderous type (not yet anyway) of the Basque and Irish Nationalists but non the less a poisonous viewpoint which has gripped a high percentage of the population
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27 May 19
In a few years time when we will either be independent or we will have shut Independence down for a real generation, attention will turn to the role that journalists in Scotland played in either deliberately misrepresenting information on behalf of the SNP or deliberately
lying about information on behalf of the SNP. This will effect most journalists in Scotland to some degree (some to almost no degree) and they will have to answer for what they have done. This will happen in either scenario

The first scenario would be if the independence
debate was finally shut down for a generation. This would likely be caused by the SNP losing a majority of Indy supporting MSP’s in Holyrood and/or in combination with senior members of the SNP having to resign due to a massive scandal or even going to jail

By that time
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