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19 Jul
Given the unmarked paramilitary squads out there pretending to be police, let's remember our basic safety measures, ladies & men, pay attention.

*You do not have to stop your car in an isolated area. You can call 911 on your phone to tell them you are being followed

*If you do not have a phone, you do not have to stop. Drive immediately to a police station or to a well lit public area & run inside. Call 911 & do not leave until an identifiable LEO arrives.

You can demand that they escort you to wherever the other unidentified

Want to take you for your safety.

They must either detain you themselves or escort you

They cannot leave you in danger.

Do not release those legit officers PERIOD.

The fake officers have to either charge you or leave you w/ the real officers.

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27 Jun
@usagmceo CEO #MichaelPack has already started his war on the truth

On Wednesday, Pack detailed his new plans for VOA editorials: make them more aligned with the president’s views

Now, an “editorials” section has replaced the “coronavirus outbreak” tab on the main page


“Editorials are the only place in all of US international broadcasting where administration policy, set by the president, is communicated directly in the name of the US government to audiences abroad in various languages,” the agency said in a press release.

@USAGMgov is a government dept that oversees 5 media orgs: Voice of America, Middle East Broadcasting, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, & the Office of Cuba Broadcasting

These outlets reach hundreds of millions of people around the globe
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18 May
If this is actual true, which I find dubious, #IHaveQuestions because we have been down this road before & it is always patients who lose




Let's start with some basic facts:

1. The US Govt (read WE, the US taxpayer) has given Pharma companies like #SorrentoTherapuetics funding & tax breaks to create #COVID19 treatments/vaccines

2. It's WE, the people, who've donated said antibodies for use in developing treatments/vaccines & the US Govt (Again, WE, the people) has been directly involved in specimen collection


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21 Apr
What has gone so wrong w/ this country that our nurses, already exhausted from fighting the battle against #COVID19 have to take the battle to save lives out into the street?


This is on you @GOP

This is what you are

#OperationGridlock was a planned political movement organized & funded by @realDonaldTrump, the GOP & their superPACs (looking right at you @BetsyDeVos)

In every state you planned these fake "grassroots" movements, the teal patriots, heroes & warriors have stood up

Shame on EVERY SINGLE ONE of you

You are weak
You are cowards
You have no honor


These brave heroes are doing your job

You are the worst this country has to offer

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21 Apr
#NewYork has paid more into the federal tax system that we have received for more than 30 yrs

Yet, when we were desperate & dying for supplies to protect our police, doctors, nurses, emts, firemen, essential workers, tRump & the GOP told us to f*ck off


And, when it came time to do the CARES Act Monetary distribution to help the hardest hit state in the country (thanks to them), tRump & the GOP told us to F*ck off again by given us the lowest amount

So #1 in cases & suffering
#50 in Relief


We came together as a State & did EVERYTHING that we were supposed to & could do to flatten the curve

We were lead by a strong, honest excellent governor

We did this to protect ourselves & to contain the spread so it did not get out of control in other parts of the country

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18 Feb
I love my kid, Angela.

She is smart, funny, strong willed & has a heart as big as the world.

We always encouraged her to stand up, make her voice heard, challenge the status quo & authority...even us. And, by God, for better or worse, she ran with that HARD😂🤣

And, like I said, I love her & I admire the woman she is becoming.

There is only one problem.

My beautiful girl is a without a doubt a hardcore Bernie Bro

And I am absolutely ready to wring her ever loving neck & for the first time sine she moved, I am glad she

& I do not live in the same state

I don't really mean that but yesterday, we spent the entire day arguing through text.


It was the same BS in 2016

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9 Sep 19
So, I am so torn over this....

I, of course, never want to make light that suicide rates are up or that any one is in this (or any) kind of distress.

But, in my little black heart, I am angry with these people & am having touble...


finding the mercy in my heart that I know I am called to have.

A large part of me feels that you'Reap what you Sow'.

Farmers, as a group, have been the single biggest recipients of true #socialism in this country for generations through farm subsidies & programs...

that pay for them to NOT grow certain crops.

The only larger group to benefit from #socialism in this country are the corporations but more on that in another thread.

They traditionally vote in blocks touting #2A, ending "the welfare state" pretending that they are not

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