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16 Oct
From watching a bit of this I will say it feels like CTU is skating past the very real harms to young kids, esp those with special needs, and I think this is a tactical error.
Remote learning is a DEVASTATING failure that is causing PROFOUND harm. That doesn’t necessarily mean we’re ready to provide in person school even just to the most vulnerable kids. The reasons why we’re not ready are an indictment of CPS and the city overall.
We know enough about how this virus spreads and about human behavior to know that opening bars was and is an ABSOLUTE DIPSHIT MOVE. We also know enough about risk mitigation to know what we SHOULD be hearing from CPS and its teachers if we were truly prepared.
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14 Oct
I went from zoom to zoom to zoom to filming a segment for our annual virtual event today and I would SO appreciate it if you can point your computer at it on 10/21 at 7pm.…
I am certain I look unhinged in a way most detectable by those who know me well!

Also please follow @ChiLegalClinic on this website bc some day we’re gonna have energy to post regularly and then WATCH OUT
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