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6 Aug 20
I have been chatting with people about the embarrassing excuse of a conference by @AdrianaLaGrange this morning. In response to a friend on FB, I ended up writing an unintentionally lengthy response and thought it might serve well as a Twitter thread.

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This press conference, in my opinion, was a pledge to indoctrinate Albertans with the conservative ideology that school is to produce workers, period. Any inability to work or failure to meet expectations means that you are not a good, hard-working person.
This is very black and white, simplistic thinking that is typical of alt-right groups who want to maintain white privilege (systemic racism) and socioeconomic gaps. It doesn't account for the many factors that go into developing a full grown adult like-
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29 Jul 20
Possible thread. My first, so be kind. 😊

OK. The @CMOH_Alberta and @AdrianaLaGrange on FB tonight. I need to get a few issues out there. Maybe they are being talked about. I don't know because I was putting kids to bed.

#abed #ableg #abpoli #abhealth #covid19
So firstly. Cohorts.

Dr. H justified that cohort classes are the work-around for the inability for kids to social distance. When asked about families also being a part of other cohorts like sports teams, dance & music grous, etc, she implied they might have to forego this year.
But ultimately the decision is up to families if they want to personally risk it.

OK but what about the other kids in their cohort? Those families don't get to be apart of that decision making so can we really say we even have cohorts at the end of the day?
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