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Molon Labe. Husband XVIII Airborne. Uncles: OMAHA & ANZIO. Two kids, uncle & father: #Navy. English major. ✝️♏️ NRA TEXAN. Avi is my dad & me
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6 Apr
Everything that smacks of Americana & The American Way of Life is under attack from Democrats. They begin with little things: semantics changes, words have new meaning, new protocols are introduced, & old habits are devalued. We lose a little of WHO & WHAT we are each day.
2/ Semantics change: illegals became migrants, which became immigrants, which became refugees, and is now “undocumented workers.” Slight changes that soften reality to make it more palatable. When the virus first hit: it was two weeks to flatten the curve, then it was a year.
3/ Now it’s wear THREE masks and don’t shake hands. People listen dutifully. They cut off their own oxygen supply to comply and prove they are good little foot soldiers. They are oblivious to the repercussions: bacterial pneumonia, staphylococcus of the face, increased acne, and
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27 Mar
My mother died of end-stage dementia. I watched it for over 10 years. What we thought was just eccentricity wasn’t: gluing bean pots to wall tops & Greek vases into planters was strange. Then she epoxied pine cones & minerals onto her planter entryway. Instead of downsizing she
2/ bought an even larger home thinking WE all would live in it. She stood outside on a concrete porch on a freezing night barefoot. I took her to a doctor. She had no memory Obama was President, could not tell analog time, or remember how to read a street map. Assisted Living.
3/ It was downhill after that. Her oldest memories became staples. Her terrors increased after developing Lewy’s Body Syndrome: she saw large rats for a while. Her wet Macular Degeneration did not help. She became recalcitrant: a caregiver she called Hitler was WAS bossy. But.
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31 May 20
Imagine you live in a liberal echo chamber. All you hear are friends who reinforce what they hear on #MSM repeat it back to you; & you are completely comfortable with that to the point you make sure all your “new” friends know the narrative that you all share 24/7/365. Your
2/ liberal friends are like the HG Wells movie “The Time Machine,” where in one segment Morlocks who lived underground ate the above ground Eloi: beautiful helpless young people. Liberals believe the Morlocks are real & believing anything else is insanity.
3/ And if you sincerely believe you are a helpless Eloi, it never occurs to you that change may be easier than you might think. It will not be just a matter of changing minds. The Fourth Estate has to be brought back to within reasonable standards of journalism. Schooling has to
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22 Apr 20
The #CDC has announced another wave of #COVID19 Are we surprised? No. Will this be even DEADLIER than the admitted failure of the first #ChineseWuhanVirus ? Possibly. Human nature is such that we may dismiss it out of hand. We want to return to normal. We want to live our lives
2/ again and eat out, get haircuts, visit relatives and friends. I suspect desperate people of being completely capable of desperate acts. The #Democrats either aligned with #China or #China aligned with them. Why WAS Nancy in #Wuhan last NOVEMBER? In any case, a flu-like virus
3/ was inflicted not just on America, but the WORLD; proving the #DeepState & #Democrats capable of MURDER, crashing an economy & inflicting a cascade of events to destroy a GLOBAL economy. Now comes the “announcement” of a SECOND WAVE. And if that doesn’t inflict enough damage
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26 Dec 19
Nancy is the woman scorned. Trump called her on it when he said, “She’s losing it.” First, it hit too close to home & the truth. We have all watched the strange deterioration for months. Secondly, she BELIEVES she has power to equal the President. Last Christmas she ordered an AF
2/ jet to take her with 93 friends & family to Europe while a coup attempt was in the works. Maxine Waters even tweeted an expected triumphant return as “Madame President.” But the jet was revoked & the buses idled full of friends & family while Trump quashed her plans. She
3/ stormed off months later to Italy with part of “The Squad” & a few women in tow to display her power again. Now she is holding up the Articles of Impeachment because she CAN. Now she wants REVENGE. Just like “Fat Jerry,” wanted revenge. He failed. Nancy will, too....
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11 Dec 19
The “fight” #FatJerry has with Trump goes back to their days in NYC. Trump wanted to build the highest skyscraper in a tract of land near the railroad on the Lower West Side. It was going to have upper class housing as well as high-end shopping & low-end housing on the
2/ first floors. DJT even planned to alter the parkway for better views of the East River. Trump applied for gov’t funding & had architectural renderings for display. The problem? It was Nadler’s voting bloc. He was afraid it would change his low end demographics. Nadler rushed
3/ to DC & met his buddy, John McCain. Gov’t funding was STOPPED. Trump merely took on another project. But his nickname for Jerry stuck. Nadler was 5’3” & 300lbs. Trump is 6’4”. Nadler had lap-band surgery. His grudge lives to this day. Trump shrugged when asked about #FatJerry
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2 Dec 19
@SteveHiltonx does not understand @RudyGiuliani Joe Di Genova & @VicToensing HAD A LIFE of high profile clients BEFORE TRUMP. When Rudy goes to a Ukraine, he is “at home.” He will call his friends, former clients, etc. He is not going to ignore people he worked with before.
2/ None of them know how long President Trump will be in office. As professionals, they know it will not last forever. These are Rudy’s former clients. How could Rudy explain ignoring his old friends and clients?Steve Hilton is butting in. Did he report
3/ this for the Murdoch boys? And now that he has painted himself into this corner, how does he get out of trouble for showing a significant lack of international knowledge? #FoxNews must be thrilled.
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29 Nov 19
When Guatemala had its Civil War from 1969-1996 between the farmers and the government, we supplied the Guatemalan Army with military grade weapons & ammo. At the end of the war the farmers returned to their farms; but what was the Army to do without food? They sold the weapons
2/ to the #Mexican Cartels. Since the late 90’s, they have been able to afford their own cache of superior weaponry with billions in drug money. The Mexican Army was recently soundly defeated when the Cartels took back the son of El Chapo. They can be as ruthless as ISIS, just
3/ not usually as midieval. In this proposed war, the ROE must be relaxed to allow for the fact the Cartels will not hesitate to use women & children as collateral damage. More important, we must find who in our OWN government supports the Cartels. We cannot afford loose ends or
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22 Nov 19
I found a direct link to George Soros by tracing him through CARA-Catholic Legal Svces., Refugee & Immigration Ctr for Edu. & Legal & American Lawyers Assoc. to the Family Detention Ctr. Pro Bono. w/ Affiliates in Chicago. The paid coordinator is Alex Mensing in Dilley, TX. Soros
2/ has supported CARA since 2009 through his “Open Society.” CARA supports Pueblo Sin Fronteras in Chgo., La Familia Latina Unida, & Centro Sin Fronteras. These are associated w/ SPLC (Southern Poverty Lawyers Ctr.) & “Alliance for Global Justice,” Soros again. As well DACA &
3/ Dreamers. The Association reflects the “Obama Administration’s commitment to flawed policy.” (sic) I found all of this last April in 1/2 hr on Google before they began erasing things or burying them 8-10 pages deep. I made notes. SPLC supports BLM, BTW....
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13 Nov 19
What is happening with electricity in #California could turn into water shortages and gas shortages. I get a bad feeling about this. #Democrats push ONLY all-new electric housing now in CA. But then they cut the power. How long before this becomes a POLITICAL threat?
2/ It does not seem at all unlikely that rationing electricity “for the residents’ own good,” turns into, “We disagree with your conservative politics. And you are going to change OR ELSE.” @TuckerCarlson has been discussing the #wildfires fires in #California & how residents
3/ WEEKS later, are STILL without power. So far, only the Golden State appears to be exacting this draconian penalty. How long before OTHER blue states copy their behavior? Will it happen in red states with blue cities? I can see it....
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7 Nov 19
#Democrats in the House decided to write legislation BACKWARDS TO PROTECT #SchiffShow He & the whistle blower acted TOGETHER, & now he wants RETROACTIVE protection of the whistle blower’s identity, when the LAW only protects the WB from WORKPLACE RETALIATION, not his FACE.
2/ Were this kind of legislation to stand, the garbage that #Kavanaugh faced will look like amateur night. This could allow for HUNDREDS of WB’s to come forward with NO INFORMATION WHATSOEVER. This gives us “guilty until proved innocent.” Democrat’s will have a field day wasting
3/ MORE taxpayer dollars protecting any Tom, Dick or Harry. No “first hand knowledge” necessary. It’s Red Flags for Congress: anyone can report from anywhere about anything on the defendant with NO REPERCUSSION or consequences. #Democrats can inundate a hearing with “whistle
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28 Oct 19
I completely agree. And I have tried it more than once. But after the false premise, supporting arguments containing the usual lies, & the erroneous conclusion based on #MSM “talking points,” I can feel my blood pressure climbing. If there were genuine thinking going on, I could
2/ at least find a point where we might maintain a rational conversation. My husband is excellent at doing this, as he continues to press, “Ok, and WHY do you feel that way?” He lies in the weeds & bides his time; at the right moment kills them with facts & the obvious point to
3/ be drawn. (He was Army Headquarters & Headquarters Co., XVIIIth Airborne Corps, School of Psychological Warfare, 1960. He wrote the manuals & taught the classes.) I am just ready “to hit someone over the head with a skillet” and move on. 😊
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28 Oct 19
It was to be expected in DC. Fortunately, the Presidentvwas with his beautiful wife and son, several Republican Representatives (including Matt Gaetz) and others. It was only fitting that the Washington Nationals got crushed. God is STILL angry that the Democrats took him off
2/ their platform in 2012. Fortunately, Texas never walked away from God, and they are not about to walk away from #PresidentTrump Texas is RED. Washington #Nationals might want to consider a name change. Obviously, they don’t know what’s happening outside the Beltway.
3/ The “Washington Beltway Players” Has a familiar ring to it, anyway. @Nationals are an embarrassment. @realDonaldTrump
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22 Oct 19
Not in my estimation. Having raised three children, I can tell you when children have questions is the best time to begin discussions of sex. There is an initial curiosity around ten that disappears for a couple of years. A nine year old is not capable of discerning sexual gender
2/ “transition” without coaching from adults. We are creating a generation that will need psychotherapists and psychologists for their entire lives. I understand 21 yr olds who “transitioned” now want to reverse the process. This is not a tatoo. This affects emotional growth, too
Perhaps you were tying the age for sexual knowledge together with the knowledge of God? That’s a good question. I was baptized “Whiskypalian” at 9 months, & then a Methodist at 3yrs. We all attended church, and after a “class” in it’s origins, I was made a member of the church
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21 Oct 19
The “military grade weapons” are those the United States sold to Guatemala over a 36 year period beginning in 1960-1996. Their gov’t was fighting with the farmers. Eventually, an armistice was reached, & the farmers went back to their fields. The gov’t police had no incomes.
2/ What to do? Sell them to the Cartels, of course. The mortars, rocket grenades, and heavy artillery they possess came straight from our own government during those years. Please watch. #Guatemala #Mexico #Cartels
3/ No doubt, our government did not fully appreciate the long-term consequences of sending #Guatemala aid in the form of weapons after we had deposed their dictator in 1954. As with any other country where we have meddled, there is always a penalty for inference. Now the Cartels
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26 Sep 19
This is how many have died under #illegallAliens since 2001. With the intoduction of diseases for which we no longer have vaccines, or may be woefully short of vaccines, more Americans could die. Turburculosis currently spreads by airborne droplets @ requires a medical diagnosis.
2/ Given over 1M people will arrive before the end of this year, many will slip by methods intended to purge these people from out our general population. Children will wind up in public schools, carrying diseases your child or grandchildren will have exposure; & subsequently
3/ take those nascent diseases home to YOU. It is criminal that this #Democrat controlled House is not using it’s bipartisan powers to resolve our immigration issues. They would rather concentrate on besmirching a sitting President for no reasons other than politics. This IS an
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25 Sep 19
10 Senators voted against the Declaration of Emergency today. This would have enabled DJT to deport the over 1M who have flooded into this country. It’s time for an Executive Order, Mr. President. These #Illegals are Walking Weapons of Mass Destruction. @realDonaldTrump
2/ They are bringing diseases this country has not seen in over 80 yrs. POLIO, BUBONIC PLAGUE, YELLOW FEVER, DENGUE FEVER, STD’s MEASLES, MUMPS, RUBELLA, LEPROSY, PNEUMONIA, & DEADLY FLU VIRUSES. The CDC “predicts 50% of our population” will contract TUBERCULOSIS if Immigration
3/ is not checked IMMEDIATELY. creators.com/read/walter-wi…
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23 Sep 19
This is an extraordinarily bright women with a solid grip on what is happening. EVERY DAY we go without the Wall, 400K or MORE #Illegals are shipped into the interior of America JUST IN ARIZONA, never to be seen again. The diseases they carry will ultimately find their way into
2/ our PUBLIC SCHOOL SYSTEMS. A few diseases that are carried by illegals: TUBERCULOSIS, PNEUMONIA, LEPROSY, CHOLERA, Sexually transmitted diseases, EYE DISEASES in children the CDC cannot even identify, diseases we eradicated 60 years ago: POLIO, MEASLES, MUMPS, & RUBELLA.
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18 Sep 19
#Hillary will forever be the woman scorned. She stuck it out for money, but there is no amount of money in the world that kills the pain of a serial philanderer. She knows all about THEM. Worse, they know all about her: including her failed attempts at the Presidency (at Bill’s
2/ behest), & jokes behind her back. #Hillary is one frustrated, angry, dismal failure at the one thing Bill makes look so simple. Politics. She is doomed to be the “forever angry woman, pointing that reproving finger,” at us as if we’re badly behaved children. She’s POINTIN’
3/ And there’s another angry pointin’ person: #BernieSanders He gives the impression we’re a bunch of dummies: when it was HIS wife who bankrupted a New England College, & he has never had a REAL JOB. But if you want shared blame & no successes ever again: feel the #Bern
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14 Sep 19
“Fat Jerry” (Trump nicknamed him) has had it out for the President since Trump was building in NYC. A west side area was under speculation for the tallest skyscraper at the time, including upscale shopping, parks, & views of the River. It happened to be a previously
2/ occupied Railroad location, and Nadler’s very poor constituency. Changing the landscape & repurposing the locale with both lower priced housing & upscale living with killer views & shopping would have punched a hole in his voter base. He went to his good friend, John McCain
3/ in the Senate, & the two of them worked to thwart government funding for Trump’s skyscraper. Trump went on to bigger & better things, always one-upping Fat Jerry. And now he’s President, the ultimate position. This is why Nadler is so intent on “impeachment,” regardless of
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3 Sep 19
Cut the number of people YOU followed but did not follow back: the LEFT column on your profile page. Try to go back far enough to NOT cut your most recent follows. This is best done MANUALLY, so as not to attract the Twitter police. When using an app, your deletions appear as a
2/ “digital dump,” at Twitter. They immediately suspect you of “robotic behavior,” & might lock your account or suspend it. It’s tedious, but in the evening you can do it while listening to a TV program or radio. Be RUTHLESS. Cut even the blue checks you followed to get started;
3/ you can always refollow later. Aim to cut a couple hundred. It will help you get over the 5K hump, and later, the 10K. To avoid being trapped by Twitter algorithms, use as few hashtags as possible. “Veterans” “US Military” “MAGA” “KAG, are popular ways to track us right now.
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