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18 Feb 19
Me and @_Katie__ONeill have a major investigation in @thetimesIE on the US group which is setting up anti-abortion demonstrations in Ireland. Our undercover investigation has revealed their tactics for the first time. Watch our video here
Telling rape victims an abortion is like being raped, targeting women experiencing FFA, posing as a pregnant woman to get the names of doctors, plans to operate across the country, and claims they can evade exclusion zone laws. Read our front page scoop: thetimes.co.uk/edition/irelan…
Women from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are given “blessing bags” with expensive chocolate and lipstick in them, to convince them they’ll get financial support. Tips on how to pressure a GPs landlord not to rent to them. Read about the tactics used:
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29 Nov 18
Report stage of the #legisl8 bill resuming in the Dáil shortly. Here is my report from last night - thetimes.co.uk/edition/irelan…
We're still on Amendment 28, backed by Carol Nolan which seeks to ban abortion on grounds of sex, race or disability up to 12 weeks. Ms Nolan says there are "paternalistic cultures" which could force women to have abortions for certain reasons.
Simon Harris is explaining to the Dáil that the bill does not permit abortion on grounds of sex, race or disability and claims the point of the amendment is to make the whole bill "inoperable" because it would require a doctor to be able to read a woman's thoughts.
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28 Nov 18
Report stage of the #legisl8 bill has resumed where we left it off last night: Carol Nolan's amendments which seek to ban abortion as a public health service and make women pay, except for in cases where the woman's life is at risk.
Mattie McGrath is complaining that anti-abortion TDs are being portrayed as delaying the bill. Danny Healy Rae is also now speaking, to also complain about being portrayed as holding up the bill.
Michael Collins is also now on his feet, to speak on this amendment for the second time. He claims that pro-choice TDs were using "bully boy tactics" last night, and he is very unhappy about it. Michael Healy Rae says he thinks there were personal attacks against Carol Nolan.
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27 Nov 18
Report stage of the Regulation of Termination of Pregnancy bill has just started in the Dáil with the first amendment from Clare Daly, who wants to change the title and definition of the act to make it clear access is guaranteed.
Ms Daly wants the title of the bill to match the tone of the ref, so it should explicitly reference "access to abortion." @loreillysf speaking now but says she has no intention to use the maximum 7 mins. She says we "shouldn't be afraid to say 'abortion'"
Mick Wallace is also backing the proposal, says he'll be brief because repetition could become a problem this week. [Govt under pressure to get this passed before Christmas] Few TDs rejecting @SimonHarrisTD argument that AG said language in legislation needs to match constitution
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7 Nov 18
Section 20 is approved. We're now moving to Section 21, which relates to notifications of legal terminations.
.@loreillysf is calling for the state to collect quantity data on terminations, respecting the anonymity and privacy of women, "to inform the development of health policy."
Quite a few TDs are pointing out that there is a strange proposal where individual medical practitioners would have to send reports on abortions performed to Mr Harris every few weeks. Minister agrees that it is strange. The plan is to use the data for an annual report.
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