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11 Nov
they’re finally getting it
Trans is technically an abbreviation of transgender, which is the actual adjective describing the type of woman I am. The idea of it being a “new development” is hilarious though considering how much I’ve seen trans people, including me, point this out over the years.
I’d like to think that every now and then a transphobe has a brain fart and realizes something criticality important like this, but I won’t lie I’m not optimistic. Oh well, not everyone can understand adjectives all the time I guess. 🤷🏼‍♀️
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10 Nov
I’m a woman, and my sex is female.
I genuinely appreciate allies who advocate in defense of trans rights. Without y’all it would be impossible to move the needle on this, but be careful not to adopt transphobic preferences in language.

btw “sex *assigned at birth* and gender are different” is the way
The only way to arrive at the conclusion I’m male is to use Basic Biology. In reality trans women are adult human females. Not all female humans are privileged with a typical female body. My phenotype diverged in utero, so my female body is atypical. But it’s female nonetheless.
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10 Nov
the femme behind the madness Image
I still find ways everyday to workout my smiling muscles, no matter how many reasons the world gives me not to. It’s good for your cheeks, and it makes transphobes mad. So smile anyway. Life’s short no matter the outcome.
I think the world would be cooler if more people smiled everyday.
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13 Oct
Weird how estrogen doesn’t give me terrible symptoms men get from it like depression, brain fog, lethargy, and anxiety. Even weirder how testosterone started giving me those symptoms around natal puberty. 🤔
Even weirder how estrogen makes me feel…normal. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m not spending energy everyday to just…exist. An inner calm developed within just a few weeks of starting estrogen. Mind blowing. I talk about it so much because it was so profound.
Basic disclaimer:

I can only speak for me. Biology has no hard and fast rules. Self-ID is the most accurate way to know someone, and neurological research done in the past 20 yrs on trans ppl confirms that. If you want to know who someone is, just ask them. No brain scan needed.
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12 Oct
Rejecting your LGBTQ+ kid when they come out to you won’t make them not be who they are, it will just make them feel shame and contempt for themselves. Don’t make your love conditional on their compliance with who you expect them to be. Love your child for who they are no matter.
When you reject your kid who’s come out to you, you’re rejecting them at a time when they are vulnerable and need your love and support the most. A time when they’re stepping into a world full of people who reject them too.
If you can’t love your LGBTQ+ kid the same as your straight, cis kid then don’t have kids. Rejection in childhood as a tool of manipulation to force your kid into the identity you want them to be is just giving them lifelong trauma and a high potential for self-harm. Don’t do it!
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11 Oct
If the trans employees were trying to get into a Netflix meeting full of cis people sitting around deciding whether the Chappelle special was transphobic, then that’s good trouble. Trans people should not only be invited and involved in those discussions but also leading them.
If true it’s basically its own parody of a Chappelle skit except the people in the meeting are white, the employees are black, and the question is whether it’s racist. Chappelle’s transphobia has big “pick me” energy, but wait til he finds out how many transphobes are racist.
I mean, can Dave even do a comedy routine anymore without mocking trans women?!? He didn’t even really tell any trans jokes, he just went on a terf rant using terf language to spread transphobia. When he says he’s team terf, believe him. This was strategic and calculated.
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6 Oct
“HRT causes massive health problems in trans adults”

Wait til you find out what untreated gender dysphoria does to trans adults.
The folks trying to build the foundation for HRT restrictions are doing it in such a way that they’ll eliminate HRT for cis people too.

“Sex hormones are dangerous and unhealthy for our bodies” is honestly one hell of a take. Gonadectomies for all I guess?
In regards to the claim in the first tweet let me be completely clear: no it doesn’t.

HRT is safer now than it’s ever been with bioidentical hormones and monitoring to maintain endophysiological stasis, and bodies can run on either. It’s inherent to the design.
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6 Oct
Just because a woman is trans doesn’t mean she has a penis.
Every transphobic ‘debate’ in media about where trans people are allowed to be in the cis world frames the conversation from the perspective of assuming just because a woman is trans she will have a penis.

“Trans women can’t come to our shelter because penis!” is the argument.
FTR trans women with a penis are just as much women as those without and should be treated as such.
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5 Oct
“We need to exclude some of the most marginalized and traumatized women from safe spaces for women because they might look too much like men” is one hell of a take by a so-called ‘ally.’
That was some well-lubricated transmisogyny. It’s much more impressive than the standard fare transphobia most articles spew, which is exactly why it’s so dangerous. A well-known cis gay man who is an outspoken trans ally was even stanning it.
Here’s an idea: sounds to me like folks, traumatized or not, need to stop with the “trans women are men/male BS.” This is a violent lie that’s enabling danger to trans women in the name of safety for cis women. Putting women in danger for the safety of women. Can’t make it up!!
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5 Oct
I don’t identify as a woman.

I don’t want to be a woman.

I tried for decades to NOT be a woman.

But the reality is I just AM a woman!

And only after embracing that truth in a transition that would otherwise be absurd to make was I able to genuinely *appreciate* being a woman.
I didn’t transition to be a woman, I transitioned to be me.

Turns out me is a woman, so a woman I shall be.

(and a bald one for good measure :)
“trans people are nothing but stereotypes, ugh”

I adhered to gender stereotypes when presenting as a man for survival. I spent so much energy thinking about how to act, what to say, but now I just be.

Truth is I didn’t transition into stereotypes, I transitioned out of them.
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5 Oct
parents: you hold the powers of your universe. you can be whatever you want, and I’ll be right behind you to support you through it all 🤗

trans girl: wow 🥰 ok, so, by the way, I’m a girl 🥰

parents: NOT LIKE THAT 😡
me to parents: NOT LIKE THAT! 💀
When you reject your trans kid, you’re not only signaling your ‘support’ of them is conditional on aligning with who you think they should be, you’re also telling them who they are in the deepest part of the core of their identity is invalid, wrong, and shameful, which is trauma.
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4 Oct
To deny the word cis is a form of supremacy since it leaves the only identifier of gender modality as trans, which implicitly elevates cis to default. Cis is the most common modality, but that’s doesn’t make it supreme.
Supremacy should be reserved for people who like pineapple on pizza, for example. When it comes to gender, people are just people, and no one is better or worse for being any particular one, whether it makes them cis or trans.
Without the word cis it becomes really difficult to discuss certain things without invalidating myself.

“If I were born a _____ woman, I wouldn’t need [treatment].”

Without cis I’m left with “normal,” “natural,” “biological,” etc., which is what cis supremacists want.
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11 Aug
Cis people just don’t understand how awful dysphoria can be, especially when you’re a pubescent child. They just don’t get it. They can’t, really, which is why they need to listen to trans adults.
I can forgive your ignorance of transness because you’re cis, but I cannot forgive your refusal to learn from trans adults with lived experience.
Cis folks have told me that I’m biased when it comes to objectively determining whether I’m a woman or not, but somehow their cisness isn’t bias in their evaluations of me, even though the whole point is to evaluate the validity and reality of a trans state of existence. Sure Jan
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10 Aug
Preventing trans kids from learning about trans people is just another form of conversion therapy since it confines their understanding of who they are within the bounds of a cis identity.
“ROGD” oh you mean kids found out about trans people on the internet and you’re mad?! Right. Gotcha. Keep them confused and shape their identity for them.
If you don’t support trans kids, you don’t support trans people. It’s honestly that simple.
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9 Aug
This was the day I went full time. :) Image
I also got a coffee from Starbucks that day so I could get a cup with my name on it. Image
Today is not my anniversary…I just happened across this in my old twitter archives.
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1 Aug
“Trans women are women” doesn’t mean “trans women are cis women,” it means cis women aren’t the only women.
Trans women aren’t erasing any women, on the contrary we add to. Transphobes are the only folks denying reality. Trans people are well aware of what organs we’ve had or have and what they do. We’re saying those parts don’t define people, and that is the reality.
Imagine if we (women) all worked together to defeat the things that hold us all back 🥰 that’s the future I dream of.
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27 Jul
bald women ftw 💪🏼👩🏼‍🦲
I presented bald for much of my adult life because at an early age it and all my body hair fell out. For a few years early in transition, I did wigs and while trying to grow it, but no luck. Cool part is that few years gave me enough separation time that I only see bald Emmy.
I’m the scary bald trans woman they never warned you about. Just look how scary I am!
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27 Jul
“Hormones hormones blah blah, but what would you have done if you lived in a time without HRT? Huh? HUH???”

It’s pretty simple. I’d probably be dead or close to it. Hormone therapy saved my life. I couldn’t have socially transitioned without it because my dysphoria was too much.
I’m just so fortunate to live in an era of medicine where hormonal transition is possible. I often wonder how many people like me existed in history and couldn’t make it. It’s really hard to describe how much my dysphoria was related to having an incongruent hormonal profile.
There was no path outside my house as Emmy without HRT. In fact I didn’t even present feminine *in my house* until I’d been on HRT for about 11 months. Long story, but trying to be a crossdresser years before acceptance really warped me and made me fear that feeling ever again.
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27 Jul
When anti-trans folks assert “men can’t be women,” what they really mean is trans women can’t be cis women, but their folly is in the bioessentialist belief that reproductive anatomy is an overlord of identity when in fact the existence of trans people disproves this a priori.
If you begin with the observation at hand, that trans people exist, regardless of your elementary justifications why we shouldn’t, then you begin to approach the question with an agenda of truth instead of trying to force the world to be what it is not: without trans people.
Imagine the worldview where you triple-, no quadruple-down on identity being *derived* from genitalia. Perhaps in cis folks it’s not that hard to believe because of the very nature of their cisness, but trans people demonstrate this to be false throughout human history.
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26 Jul
Transphobes are actively seeking ways to use the power of the state to eradicate trans people. It’s really that simple. They don’t need your (cis folks’) active cooperation to do it, only your passive silence.
This is why the line between fascist and transphobe is so blurry. It’s one thing to be an intolerant bigot, but it’s another thing entirely to build a coordinated effort to harness the power of the state for eradication of a group of ‘othered’ people.
Make no mistake: they’re stripping us of the rights we have enjoyed for many decades. They’re fighting against a status quo that demonstrably harms no one by creating faux moral panic. More Republican congressmen have been arrested for sex crimes in bathrooms than trans folks.
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25 Jul
“Mammals can’t change sex!”

me, a mammal: ::changes sex::
Transphobes: dammit why won’t this territory follow the map!?!? 😡
Transphobes construct their definitions of sex to give the result they wish trans people were. Whether one can change sex or not simply depends on how it is defined, and the closer that definition reflects reality, the more the answer is yes, humans can change sex.
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