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8 Apr
I’m not a fan of spamming replies with Twitter bots, but I did that today with @threadreaderapp (whom I had muted, so I never even saw the reply). Alas, I turned it into an extension. #iOS #SiriShortcuts icloud.com/shortcuts/b76b…
Tryna bring that Twitter #screentime down
Counterpoint: I *AM* a fan of @BidenInsultBot
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7 Apr
I have an electronic medical record
It is accessible to me, myself. I just go to mypatientportal.angelfire.com, type in my password that must contain 11-15 alphanumeric characters and an exclamation point, and the pdf is right there.
Not only that, but I have retrieved my pediatric vaccination card from my baby scrapbook. Going to staple it to my COVID report card and carry it in my purse.
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