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21 Nov
Let's start this alternate EC scenario with the first (alphabetical) state: Alabama. Using 2018 data, the state gets 19 congressional districts with an average pop. of 256,136 and 10 winner-take-all EVs by the Wyoming Rule. Here is a possible 12R-7D map (but... dummymander?)
Might have been better to make sure Birmingham got two solidly D seats instead of three lean ones. Also, Alabama is sadly one of the states in DRA that only has 2012/16 PVI + 2008 results. Maybe these would hold, who knows, the state is very inelastic and its metros moved left
DRA stats: only two of the districts actually being >50% black (the other five relying on a few white dems in metro areas to push them over) is probably concerning. But there was probably no way to get a VRA district out of Huntsville/Mobile anyway, see aforementioned Bham pt tho
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