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Investigative developer and documentarian on the collapse of the Elon Musk empire. evdefender @ https://t.co/LpPvQHdIi0, ask for Signal #
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13 Jun 20
Drama queen @elonmusk changes his $30,000,000 "For Sale by Owner" home to "Sold" for $1 on @Zillow without an official source on the same day he is being smuggled around Mexico on private jets

$tsla @elonmusk (@teflonbust)
Morgan Stanley had issued @elonmusk loans totaling $29,500,000 that have not yet been recorded as released on the home he had listed for $30,000,000 (hence the price) and has now claimed a $1 sale

Dec. 18 2018: $19,500,000 (SpaceX Embezzlement)
May 18 2015: $10,000,000

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7 Mar 20
You can smell the panic in @elonmusk's jet fuel right now.

The explosion of 'Starship' (predicted here) kicked off a dramatic level of activity including a period where the jet was aloft for 45% of 28 hrs on 7 legs often spending less than an hour on the ramp each.

Small example of why the documentary on collapse of the Musk empire requires a series:

Note the panic as @elonmusk tries to keep his fraudulent Mars program going while dealing with a wrecked supply chain amid a $tsla sales crash related to #coronavirus, which he says is dumb.
Added more detail for the premium subscribers.

One of my favorite images of the whole @elonmusk / CCP / #coronavirus entanglement.

Underneath it?: panic, embezzlement, fraud, incompetence, negligence, recklessness, #covid19, PR negotiations, supply chain woes, and more $tsla
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4 Feb 20
Updated with today's Mainland China "data". Note that the R^2 for the last 4 data points from the mode... er, um actual contracted cases rounds to 1.0000.

Will post what tomorrow's numbers should be if they maintain narrative.

A finer point on what is happening:

China is a country of 1.4 Billion with 10s of Millions in lockdown in cities & entire regions. Schools are closed for months; work stoppages for weeks.

China posts #coronavirus #s daily for at least 31 provincial divisions in the Mainland.
The #coronavirus expansion is extremely complex with many moving parts... even including mandatory cremations.

Yet, I have been able to predict their reporting within an extremely narrow band since early in the outbreak expansion (around 4500 cases / 100 deaths).
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2 Feb 20
Think someone is lying to you?

First check to see if they bothered to add any variability whatsoever in the model they are using to supposedly report actual numbers from a complex system.

The mortality rate they want you to report is the - 0 day rate: Today's Confirmed Death total minus Today's Confirmed Case total.

This has not varied outside of 1/10th of 1% in the last 5 prints.

But even a minor adjustment of a few days in the mortality rate paints an entirely different picture


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4 Nov 19
Some of @elonmusk's greatest moments on Twitter before the next phase begins.

<in no particular order>


"Not sure about good of Twitter. Going offline."
"Not sure about good of Twitter. Going offline."
"Not sure about good of Twitter. Going offline." 🤢
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10 Oct 19
Enjoy Jared Birchall's tale of hiring a convicted felon to back up unfounded child rape claims.

Oh, and don't miss the irony of Musk spending a small sum while not realizing the market for investigating his ties with a known pedophile is many orders of magnitude greater.

When he's not PostAccusationPedoHunting™️ or "managing holdings 😉" for the pinnacle of the $80bn perceived pyramid, Jared spends his free time as CEO of @neuralink. They are so excited to show you what they've been working on that they can't update the site for 3 months.

@neuralink .@neuralink tasks such as managing accomodations for in-vivo testing & rodent housing provide a welcome distraction from trading while trying to make child rape accusations stick which can be quite exhausting

Good PedoHunters™️ are hard to come by these days after all.

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