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9 Jan
Big things are going down my patriots friends
Since the media refuses to cover any of the things that have happened today, I’m happy to oblige.
The FBI is raiding legislative offices and homes in Tennessee as we speak. Stay tuned for that.
Google is censoring you from seeing
what everyone is talking about on the other side of the world. An affidavit was handed to Congress at 1:12pm Wednesday (just before the breach) that proved our election WAS rigged. If you use DuckDuckGo and search for yourself, it is plastered all over the world. Billions of our.
tax dollars was sent to Italy to hack dominion and change Trump votes to Biden. ITALY rigged our election. They ADMITTED AND TESTIFIED. Check for yourself #italydidit
One hour ago, Lindsey Graham was escorted out of an airport because patriots in the airport were chanting
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9 Jan
Those listened to the info I put out about the Italian connection to this voter fraud, here is more.
🔴I saw this Info on several videos. And just heard Rudy’s radio show saying this is under investigation by the DOJ and Rudy was frustrated because they were taking too long with!
it. But here is the summary and the release notes - Reeni
Posted by Jack Watts
With just two weeks to go in the Trump Presidency, why would Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) ask for the 25th Amendment to be invoked? Why would Schumer want Trump removed from office? With so little
time left, doesn’t this seem odd to you? It feels more like a dramatic moment in a soap opera than a necessary action to be taken. After all, Joe Biden is now the President-Elect. Because he has official status, what’s the big deal about hounding Trump out of office? Could there
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7 Jan
@DNC @JoeBiden @KamalaHarris @SpeakerPelosi @SenSchumer commie enemies to the people caught in election fraud and planning our downfallThey are all corrupt and evil and this nation will not concede to this stolen election and cheated again in GA. This is why they silence Trump
We will not obey nor conform nor let them destroy this nation and @GOP @GOPLeader @HouseGOP @HouseGOP you better find your backbone and stand up now and stop this before the 20th , @Mike_Pence betrayed us and did not do his constitutional duty You better do yours. The people
are not going thave their freedoms taken, borders opened, guns taxes, illegals given rights to steal money we worked for and our jobs taken. Dems have made it clear they hate this nation . Do you love it enough to expose them and stand with states that prove fraud.. we have time
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7 Jan
called me and wanted to know what I would tell republicans If I could for they want to hear what we had to say and she was to take everything to them I told them everything being said on here and that they better fight to protect this nation and stop this fraud. She
even cried when told of my father in law fighting at Pearl harbor and told her my husband served and he fought to keep what dems are doing out to this nation and how upset he is , She told me I pulled her heartstrings. she could hear emotion in my voice about the men who died ,
my husband watched to protect this nation from dem evil and we will not submit to it. She believes when all is done Trump will be inaugurated I told her we are ready to fight for we will not let our country be destroyed by dems and thier evil. We are upset but keeping the
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