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13 Jan
1. “Who Is George Soros Funding In Ireland?” Thread 🧵 1/20

🕵️🔎 One Irish University, Migrant Rights, HIV, Sex Workers Alliance, Amnesty International, Family Planning etc
2. The George Soros Foundation, also known as the Open Society Foundation (OSF) in 2 yrs has donated a whopping $2,115,489 to various causes in Ireland from 2016-2018
3. The bulk of the donations have been donated to NUI Galway. $832,154 has been donated in total in the shape of Scholarships and to the International Disability Law Summer School.
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12 Jan
1. "Will There Be A Day Of Reckoning For Ryan Tubridy & RTÉ When All Is Said & Done ?" 🧵 1/19
2. Ryan Tubridy is probably one of Ireland’s most recognisable celebrities fronting “The Ryan Tubridy Show” on RTE Radio One and “The Late Late Show” on RTE 1. He reputedly earns €495,000 per year. Unfortunately, he is also a pawn in a far bigger game.
3. Ryan is undoubtedly in a position of power, being watched and listened to by so many. However, with “great power comes great responsibility”. Sadly, there has been little or no responsibility. His paycheck depends on the propaganda he is told to push.
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11 Jan
1. “Who Are The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Funding In Ireland 🇮🇪?” 🧵 1/17

🔎🕵️ Ireland’s 💉 Universities, Pharmaceutical Companies, Humanitarian Response Agency, Online Learning Platforms, Family Planning & Sustainability
2. The BMGF have donated a whopping $4,119,931 to various Irish universities and companies since the inception of the BMGF. These figure are just taken from the BMGF web site so there could be more undocumented elsewhere.
3. I wrote in a 🧵the other day about how many members of Ireland’s academia are involved with the WEF. It also seems to be the case that BMGF have their fingers in the pie as well especially when it come to "Global Health".

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10 Jan
1. “Who Are Ireland’s 🇮🇪 Agenda Contributors To The World Economic Forum Implementing The Great Reset In 2021 (Part 2) ?

🕵️🔎 Academics from 🇮🇪 top unis, TCD, UCD, UCC, DCU, NUI & UL 🧵1/43

Before I jump into this large 🧵 I just wanted to say thanks for the R/Ts from Part 1
2. I was surprised it was that popular as I thought the topic was a bit dry with just links to profiles but obviously not. Delighted people found it useful and please R/T this one which is Part 2. If you missed Part 1 👇

3. The Irish Agenda contributors are those who write articles or do research for the WEF site on specific topics like immunology, economics, sustainability, psychology, science etc. What struck me from the very outset was that nearly every contributor are from Ireland’s top unis
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9 Jan
1. “Who Are Ireland’s Members Of The World Economic Forum Implementing The Great Reset In 2021 ? 🧵1/28

🕵️🔎 Politicians, Musicians, Clergy, Bankers, Journalists, Human Rights, Artificial Intelligence, Sustainability, Corporations & Agriculture
2. In previous threads I have looked at 🇮🇪 key players in the Trilateral Commission as well as 🇮🇪 people who have attended the Bilderberger meetings. I also looked at the 🇮🇪 in the Young Global Leaders which is a site run by the WEF. You will see a lot of crossover between them.
3. The purpose of this thread is to compile all the Irish members into one thread for ease of access and reading rather than having to dive through the WEF site. This is by no means definitive and I will be adding more over time when they pop out of the woodwork.
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4 Jan
1. “🇮🇪 How Has Professor Gerry Killeen From UCC Fared In His 2020 Predictions For Covid” 🧵 1/25

I said I was going to look at our “esteemed” Doctors and Professors and their predictions over the last 9 months. First up is Prof Gerry Killeen.

2. Prof Killeen is the AXA Research Chair in Applied Pathogen Ecology at University College Cork. The first thing to note is that AXA is a World Economic Forum partner. Why do all roads lead there 🤔…
3. On 9 Sep 2020, Prof Killeen was on Today FM with Matt Cooper talking about his case predictions.…

This is what he had to say
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31 Dec 20
1. “Want To Know How Busy Ireland’s 🇮🇪 Hospital’s Have Been For The Last 10 Years” 🧵 1/15

The HSE is allegedly facing a winter capacity crisis due to Covid. But how does it compare to previous years? 👇
2. That screen grab above is pretty shocking isn't it. All the Hospitals across Ireland are in excess of capacity or nearly at capacity. Here's the kicker. That screenshot you just saw was taken from 2014 and not 2020 as you might have expected. Let's look at the last 10 years
3. January 2011

“Number of patients on trolleys in A&E departments worst ever”
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29 Dec 20
1. (Part 2) 🧵 Who Are 🇬🇧 Bilderberg Group Members & Their Connection To Davos & WEF ? (Part 2) 🧵 1/24
@LeahButlerSmith @j0nathandavis @isnt_it_red @BristolComSense @soundabuse @DickRickulas7 @Sarahlou2905 @GillSteventon @Dreamer10384678 @dantesmithg @AlfMegoa @Agenda212020 Image
2. In Part 1 we looked at UK members of the Bilderberg group from members of the Royalty and former Prime Ministers. To check out who they are and what their role is just read this 🧵👇 (Part 1)

3. A quick recap of who they are. The Bilderberg group are an elite global group who meet up annually to shape policies and share ideas on a worldwide level. This is all done behind closed doors and in a very secretive manner.
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28 Dec 20
2. Before I jump in, I just want to thank @JamesDelingpole for his brilliant podcast with @StopTechnocracy On the back of it I bought Patrick’s superb book “Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse Of Global Transformation”. The 🐇 🕳️ started there Image
3. Subsequently, I have also bought and read The Bilderberg Group : Facts & Fiction by @MarkDice as well as watching a film/documentary on Amazon Prime called Bilderberg the movie by @Jonnygenco made in 2017. Image
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22 Dec 20
1. “Why Big Pharma Companies No Longer Need Sales Reps For Selling Their Products” A Personal Story & 🧵 1/25
2. My first job out of College after I left University College Dublin was as a pharmaceutical sales rep back in 1993. It was for a big company called Boehringer Ingelheim and I got paid the princely sum of £12,000 and got a nice Renault Laguna thrown into the bargain.
3. I was based in Cambridge in the UK and my patch was Peterborough, Cambridge and parts of Norfolk. I was selling 2 drugs at the time, one called Motens for hypertension and another called Combivent which was for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease COPD.
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21 Dec 20
1. Who Are The 🇬🇧 Trilateral Commission (TC) Members & What's Their Link To The World Economic Forum (WEF) 🧵1/25
@gillytT20 @hairymarx1 @mummygirl @impauliewalnuts @gillsteventon @patriotengland1 @redpillmonster @phil07514355 @theeyeandtheear @hemsedalgirl @bloody_scandal
2. I initially did a similar thread for Ireland’s members of the TC and have now decided to tackle the 🇬🇧 as quite a few people requested it. Before I dive into the 🇬🇧 members, I just want to explain what the TC is and what an important role it has.
3. The TC was officially founded on July 1, 1973. Its founder and primary financial backer was David Rockefeller, longtime chairman of the Rockefeller family-controlled Chase Manhattan Bank
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20 Dec 20
1.“Time To Fact Check The Fact Checking Companies” 🧵 1/24

@FatEmperor @MichaelYeadon3 @ClarkeMicah

2.Two days ago a tweet was put out by a Fact Checking Company and I quote “Lockdown sceptics like Peter Hitchens, Ivor Cummins and Mike Yeadon have argued that a lockdown was not needed, or did not work
3.The evidence shows that their claim is wrong”…
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19 Dec 20
Time for a bit of housekeeping. I’ve collated all my🧵and put them in one place to make them easier to find. Lots of🐇🕳️ to go down. Download links👇for each🧵in a word document as well if you want to circulate. Enjoy
Irish 🇮🇪 & British 🇬🇧Peeps - 🧵 About Irish Media And Their Advertising Partners In The World Economic Forum 🧵1/27…
V For Vendetta. A Movie Playing Out In Real Life.🧵 1/13…
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18 Dec 20
1.“How The Irish 🇮🇪 UK 🇬🇧 & World 🌏 Media Are Instilling Fear Into Their Online Readers” 🧵 1/30
2. I did a thread the other day entitled “Revealed 👀 “How The Media Worldwide Have Been Terrorising People Using Headlines For The Last 9 Months” It’s at the end of this thread. It fits in very nicely with this one and is a must read.
3. You could consider this the second part of that thread where I’m going to look at what the online media have been doing to continue the fear non-stop. Yet again I’m going to use the Irish Times as an example as I did in the initial thread.
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16 Dec 20
1. Great Reset Marketing Material In Ireland & 4th Industrial Revolution (Part 4)🧵 Scary Stuff 1/25

@OldNormality @CatrionaColllns @SaraHaboubi1 @suzy661 @connollyjojo @jeanandanto @fionamflanagan1 @leannemac4 @brianjob @vhtempopro @fatemperor @Vhtempopro
@OldNormality @CatrionaColllns @SaraHaboubi1 @suzy661 @connollyjojo @jeanandanto @fionamflanagan1 @leannemac4 @brianjob @Vhtempopro @FatEmperor 2. I said yesterday that I’d have a look at some of the marketing material that Purpose Disruptors (PD) have developed for use in the Irish market. My understanding is that some of this material has already been used in the UK market and has appeared on bus shelters.
@OldNormality @CatrionaColllns @SaraHaboubi1 @suzy661 @connollyjojo @jeanandanto @fionamflanagan1 @leannemac4 @brianjob @Vhtempopro @FatEmperor 3. I also believe that it has appeared in Ireland in shopping centres as well. (If that is the case and if anyone has seen it please comment below). Here’s the link to the page where all the material is on…
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15 Dec 20
How Deep Does Censorship Go In Ireland 🇮🇪 ?

1.I have to admit to never really thinking about this until a few weeks back. Then my eyes were really opened and when I say deep, I really mean deep.
🧵 1/13
2.About 6 weeks ago I wanted to try and get some leaflets printed out to distribute to people to inform them of the facts instead of the rubbish that is being spouted by the Govt, NPHET & The Media. These leaflets were in no way controversial.
3. The main 7 points on one of the leaflets called “Facts Not Fear” were the following
a) 99+% of people recover
b) Most people diagnosed have NO or very mild symptoms
c) The COVID testing is totally unreliable
d) International legal action is being taken against the WHO
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15 Dec 20
1. True story. So a good friend called round to the house for a coffee over the weekend. Here’s how it played out. As he approached the door he put on his mask. I opened the door and he tried to give me the old elbow bump nonsense.
2. I told him to “man up” and shake my hand which he did. He then walked into the sitting room and removed his 😷. Virtue signalling at its finest. If he was really that concerned about catching the “ro” or passing it on then he would have been “safer” at home.
3. Had a good chat for 15 minutes. As he left he tried to give me a 2nd elbow bump. I told him to “man up” again as I don’t do that nonsense.

He shook my hand for the 2nd time. The struggle is real I’m afraid.
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14 Dec 20
1. Revealed 👀 “How The Media Worldwide Have Been Terrorising People Using Headlines For The Last 9 Months”

Hopefully that headline grabbed you and pulled you into the copy so you continue reading 😀👇
2. That’s exactly what the Irish Times IT have been doing for the past 9 months except everything has been done with the intention of terrifying people. I have to admit that this particular tweet thread has turned into a labour of love as it took a long time to do the research.
3. I have used an Irish paper as an example as I’m living in Ireland. Here’s what I did. I went back to the beginning of the year and looked at the front page of the Irish Times every day and then wrote down the headlines. On average there are 2 to 3 major headlines every day
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14 Dec 20
Just wanted to pull all the threads together in one place that relate to the Great Reset Ireland and their connections with Purpose Disruptors. Feel free to bookmark. I’ll be adding more threads as I go. Lots of 🐇 🕳 to go down yet 😄
Who Is Implementing The “Great Reset” In Ireland in 2021? (Part 1) Thread 1/10

Who Is Implementing The “Great Reset” In Ireland in 2021? (Part 2) Thread 1/15

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13 Dec 20
1. How The Irish🇮🇪, British 🇬🇧 & World🌏 Have Had The Wool Pulled Over Their Eyes 👀 By The Media 🧻 In The Biggest Social Experiment Ever Undertaken 🧵1/24
2. I have to admit to being fascinated seeing how easily people have been taken in since March of this year by the propaganda in our media. My own saving grace was that I haven’t really watched TV or bought the newspaper in years.
3. If I had tuned into our National Broadcaster RTE and believed everything I watched, I expect I would be in the exact same position as 99% of the population. Swallowing everything and questioning nothing.
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12 Dec 20
1.I know many people have been waiting for Part 4 of “Great Reset Ireland” 🧵1/5

Great Reset Marketing Material In 🇮🇪& 4th IR
(Part 4)🧵Scary Stuff 1/25

I have been trying to upload images along with the thread since last week but for whatever reason my images can’t upload
2. What I have had to do is put the whole thread in a Word document which can be viewed or downloaded from my dropbox account. I realise this is a pain for people but unfortunately I am left with no other choice for the time being thanks to the powers that be 😉
3. Hopefully I will be able to upload images again soon. The reason I am asking you to take the added step of viewing or downloading it is because I think it’s also the most important 🧵 I have done to date. It may well open a lot more 👀
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