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7 Nov
@CancelledComix @doodle_bobby @adulthumanorbit @SAStanleyNOFO @Baroness_Nichol @designs_william Stop being so petulant & demanding. I'm not at your beck and call. I have a life away from keyboard where you have zero precedent or role.

If I choose to use the phone, prepare food, communicate with others & even take a shit, your demanding conduct is unreasonable.

@CancelledComix @doodle_bobby @adulthumanorbit @SAStanleyNOFO @Baroness_Nichol @designs_william And for further clarity I have both read the Twitter Stream you so tardily identified and using best practice I have archived it and preserved context, something you did not do readily.

Is this an accurate and acceptable record for you?
@CancelledComix @doodle_bobby @adulthumanorbit @SAStanleyNOFO @Baroness_Nichol @designs_william So in context the LGB Alliance draw attention to the language used by Michael Cashman which can be taken as objectionable. He dies have a well established history of hyperbole.

He calls for the LGB Alliance to be suffocated with silence.

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5 Nov
@doodle_bobby @adulthumanorbit @SAStanleyNOFO @Baroness_Nichol @designs_william Evidently you aint been paying attention.

May e you and those you seek to control and influence need to look at the LGBA campaignes pages. They are ever so I formative.

No 1 is of course the call to #EndConversionTherapy.…
@doodle_bobby @adulthumanorbit @SAStanleyNOFO @Baroness_Nichol @designs_william Are you and your fellow Radical Trans Activists or your LGBTIA+ the rest of the alphabet doing this and even using the Hashtag, or just making false claims in the hope you won't be caught out as fibbers like StonedWall and the Susie Green Control Issue Club?
@doodle_bobby @adulthumanorbit @SAStanleyNOFO @Baroness_Nichol @designs_william Then of course you have the campaign aim of stopping #TransingAwayTheGay

It's a terrible thing to have to repeatedly point out how children being Transed has been Propagandised and Weaponised and it's the LGB community along with a number of trans people who are protecting kids.
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5 Dec 20
Craig, M. C., et al (2007). Gonadotropin hormone releasing hormone agonists alter prefrontal function during verbal encoding in young women. Psychoneuroendocrinology, 32(8-10), 1116–1127. doi:10.1016/j.psyneuen.2007.09.009…
I will link this back to the original thread, but it is better for Clarity and to stop any gaming of Twitter and the creation of any labyrinth where details get lost to be avoided.

This 2007 paper identifies issues with GnRHa usage and Executive Function.
As memory is affected, especially the formation of NEW memories for new information, and the implications that subjects are not able to grasp and utilise new information needed for "Informed Consent", impacts upon Executive Function are evident.
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2 Dec 20
More Evidence That Stonewall UK Ltd (Supposed Charity) no longer represents LGB people in The UK.

They Removed the LGB in Feb 2015 and have been too busy to celebrate UK LGB Milestones since. They seem to think they are American and based on Christoper Street New York.
The Date To Remember - 28 October 1999.

The Place - The House Of Lords

The Names - Mr. John Thompson and Mr. Martin Fitzpatrick

The First Legal GAY Family in the UK.

What was most shocking is Mr Thompson had been dead for 5 years.
Martin and John had lived together for 18 years in what the law lords described as a "longstanding, close, loving and faithful, monogamous, homosexual relationship.".

Even so, Martin Fitzpatrick was told to leave his home when John died. John was the tenant and Martin was not.
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2 Dec 20
Some are shocked by the Judicial Comments around the Keira Bell case.

You shouldn't be. There is a growing history of institutional failure across the NHS and Service Provisions across the UK.

This list is not Exhaustive - it just shows how failure is common in the NHS.
Lessons are rarely learned by hand wringing is common.

Many are ignorant as no Wikipedia page exists.

1. Ely Hospital, Cardiff
2. Multiple long stay hospitals across the UK
3. Bristol
4. Alder Hay
5. Shipman
6. North Staffs Ward 87 - Dr Rita Pal
7. Mid Staffs Scandle
8. Winter Bourne View, Bristol
9. Whorlton Hall
10. Long Care, Buckinghamshire
11. Countess of Chester
12. Budock Hospital, Falmouth
13. Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust
14. Morcombe bay
15. Furness General Hospital
16. Gosport War Memorial Hospital
17. Tavistock-GIDS
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4 Jul 20
@BoyGeorge You're making it "Trans People = Bad", the mistake so many make.

It's about people's existing rights and making sure that proposed Legislation doesn't undo decades of hard work.

Are you same-sex attracted - well defined in law - or same-gender atracted which can't be defined
@BoyGeorge We are still fighting to get Equality for LGB people. It was set up with Civil Partnerships and teh David Cameron wanted some Woke points so he created GAY marriage - and failed to change divorce laws.

Same-sex couples are treated differently in Divorce Adultery is no available
@BoyGeorge Many Radical Trans Activists are decidedly Homophobic and want to #TransAwayTheGay

The vast majority of Dysphoric Kids "Desist" and end up G.A.Y.

Kids placed on Blockers and Hormones end up transitioning and many later regret it. A Fast-growing Number.
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1 Jul 20
I see that Boggedoff has shifted to play race cards in their attention-seeking gambits.

They want to meet the Baroness - with camera crew so Bogeddoff can play games with a Deaf person?

I hope the Baroness states no! Bogdoff is a cunning Minx and Exploiter!
Boggdof is not stupid and is one hell of an attention-seeker. They are also media Savvy and know how to go to the margins and exploit them.

Here we find Boggedof exploiting Disability and making media Mountain out of a twitter molehill.
It is well known that Baroness Nicholson is deaf and has been since childhood. She has not let this hold her back, but there are consequences from any disability that cause unexpected issues.

Most of our high-speed modern media is Visual and Auditory.
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30 Jun 20
@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant In multiple interviews Malcolm Michaels Jr, AKA Marsha P (Pay it no heed) Johnson was very clear - HE was a GAY MAN who dressed in women's clothes.

That the Googlearchy fails to report Historical Fact is no Surprise - It's a Woozle Factory - See Woozle Effect

@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant Whilst many Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) have demanded that Johnson was there ate the opening of the Stone Wall Riots, Johnson was very clear that he arrived after they started.

The needs of some to abuse history & the world to further thier agenda is a known issue.
@SandraHelena39 @FredSargeant That so many Radical Trans Activists (RTAs) Ignore the words of the person they are using is indicative of mob mentality.

Mobs can & will do anything. When they were avised that By Historical Record "Stormé DeLarverie", butch black lesbian was known to be the person who

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21 Jun 20

Dear Emma, I need to raise an issue with you that has arisen quite suddenly.

There have been ongoing issues with Drag Queen Storytime in libraries across the UK. Many councils have failed in their duties to CRV/DBS and safeguard children.
There are unfortunate cases where known sexual offenders have gained access to children, and conduct during the Story Time has at times been very aduklt and not appropriate for children.

My past experience of dealing with criminals seeking access to children leaves me alarmed.
Criminals including those who seek sexual access to children are not stupid and they look for cracks in systems. The exploit vulnerabilities in systems and people's good faith in others.

There is a big issue with people from the LGB minority being given high regard automatically
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21 Jun 20
@leedslibraries Dear sirs

I think you need to consider the online activities of a person identifying as @JolenesTrailer - Jolene Sugarbaker - who objects to queries about the council/library service being duly diligent under safeguarding and DBS Checking.

She Publically labels such people as Terrorists.

As A GAY man who has, unfortunately, had to deal with sexual abuse and predation of Children by members of the GAY Community and those using the GAY community as cover, I find her inferences insulting and Homophobic.

If Jason Saffer aka Jolene Sugarbaker @JolenesTrailer has issues with child safety, I would expect them to not be given access to chiuldren.

If an adult was not DBS checked and safeguarding followed the council would be negligent.

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6 Jun 20
@ramendik @Anthony_Potts @Baroness_Nichol @worriedmumofone @mindsci @Transgendertrd @ALLIANCELGB @AnnMSinnott @MattHancock @VictoriaPeckham End? - can you clarify after all that opinion and inference, do you have any EVIDENCE in support of your statements?

You make great play with the word "Political" and Propogandise it. I Will require you to demand the Political affiliation of any person you refer to.

@ramendik @Anthony_Potts @Baroness_Nichol @worriedmumofone @mindsci @Transgendertrd @ALLIANCELGB @AnnMSinnott @MattHancock @VictoriaPeckham "The go-to example is the New Family Structures study by Mark Regnerus. I contend that the work of Professor John Whitehall is similarly compromised"

You Contend?

"assert something as a position in an argument."

@ramendik @Anthony_Potts @Baroness_Nichol @worriedmumofone @mindsci @Transgendertrd @ALLIANCELGB @AnnMSinnott @MattHancock @VictoriaPeckham So you assert and contend and require others to provide EVIDENCE (None Political) that supports their position.

Are you willing to comply with your rules on evidence or are you just playing semantic games in the hope that no one will notice and call your Bluff?
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18 May 20
Gender Intelligence is a Charity and Public Interest Company. As such, they are obliged to meet their stated aims, else face investigation.

Gender Intelligence seems to think they can say one thing and do another with impunity.

Their claims and actions do not agree. cont:
They claim "Our mission is to increase understandings of gender diversity."

However, they provide no insight into the issue of those who Desist or Detransition being people of gender diversity. Failure to address these issues calls their standing as a charity and PIC into doubt.
They further claim;

"GI’s aims are:
to engage the wider community in understanding the diversity and complexity of gender".

They use the term Complexity and yet deliberately and purposefully ignore those who Desists or Detransition.

The issue of bias is clear.
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1 May 20
Many believe that for years the charity known as Stonewall have been campaigning for the LGB+"t" community and getting discriminatory law removed.

That can be shown to be anything but true with one Google Search.

In 1967 when being a G.A.Y. male was made legal in the UK..
with the Sexual Offences Act 1967, it was maintained that It was Illegal to be G.A.Y. merchant seaman on a British Registered ship.

The captain was obliged to throw you overboard at the first port.

It was a Dangling Chad of discrimination affecting G.A.Y. men.
It could have been removed under the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994, but it was not and it was updated as law in the UK.

It's odd that Stonewall were not vociferous in campaigning on Section 28 and Age of Consent. Workplace discrimination was an extra issue to use.
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