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8 Apr
To reiterate for any other celestial mages who are curious: Even parans create a relationship between a planet and a star and that planet becomes a type of translator of light, just as they would in a projected ecliptic conjunction.

I use both projected degree conjunctions and parans... But will say that talismans done on the heliacal rise of a star are WAY more potent imo. Way fewer elections, but the direct metaphorical contact of the star with the earth is like yowza!

For more on this, check out the excerpt I wrote with @psychic_desert for her heliacal Vega talisman:

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30 Nov 20
1/ Saturn Returns: my personal story, a thread

The time has finally come to speak of that which we often experience in silence.

Part of this will be my story & personal perceptions. The other part will give you some ideas on technically reading your Saturn Return.
2/ I'm not gonna lie, this feels scarily vulnerable to me, but I hope that it's helpful to those about to enter their Saturn Return.

You can also read this thread as a blog entry here: heartwarriorpath.com/saturn-return-…
3/First, what is a Saturn Return?

This is a time-period in your life where transiting Saturn (the one in our skies presently) returns to the same sign and location of your natal (birth chart) Saturn.

Okay but what does this mean in a more tangible sense?
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28 Nov 20
I'm taking a long break in 2021, so I'm offering a holiday special including the ability to buy gift certificates!

$75 for these readings (normally $120-$180!):

✨Natal Promise
✨Siren Star Songs (parans)
✨Saturn Return
✨Year Ahead

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"I had a birthday reading w/my new friend Amaya today & I am floored! It was amazing! She's super perceptive, direct, kind, & exactly on my wavelength! To get astrological remediation magic suggestions, right along w/the reading? Stunning! Highly recommended!"
"Learn more about the stars in astrology. So many are talking about "sidereal" astrology, but not saying jack about the actual stars! Learn from a meticulous learner and teacher."
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8 Sep 20
Sipping coffee this morning, the "law" of magical viability is on my mind. Depending on the school of magic you're practicing, you may not know this law; if you do know, it's good to get a refresher.

Can magic help us do incredible things? Yes.

But there's more to it.

The law of viability is simple. You have to ask, "How viable is this in pragmatic terms?" to determine the potential success of (& the amount of work required for) a working.

Let's look at a love spell, as an example. (Just an example, I do not condone compulsive magic)

Say you want a celebrity living in a different part of the world, whom you've never spoken with or met, to fall in love w/you.

On a pragmatic basis, is that viable? Not really.

Can you brute-force magical workings to make it happen? Maybe. We'll get into that momentarily.

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