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12 May 19
For those who cling to the notion that Kenney and Ford can't do anything about abortion because criminality is federal, remember that abortion is under provincial healthcare and therefore vulnerable. #onpoli #abpoli
Abortion is vulnerable to defunding, regulations like mandatory ultrasounds and forced waiting periods, restricted hospitals and clinics. Think of all the medical procedures that *have* been defunded. #Vigilance #onpoli #abpoli
Here are the #prolife [ptui] bills that #antiabortion gang Right Now wants. itstartsrightnow.ca/pro_life_bills Defunding has always been the Achilles heel. Many people may not give a shit about the right to abortion, but they don't want to pay for it. #onpoli #abpoli
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12 May 18
Yay! I'm done Ontario! Here are religious orgs that applied for and will get #CanadaSummerJobs. Again, all sorts, including Catholics. Even Buddhists in this batch. Jews, Muslims, Christians, etc.
Simcoe North
MP Stanton, Bruce, Con.
Orillia Christian Ministries orillialighthouse.ca
Governing Council of the Salvation Army Can
Covenant Brethren In Christ Church covenantchurch.ca
Sparrow Lake United Church Camp Inc. sparrowlakecamp.com
Simcoe — Grey
MP Leitch, K. Kellie, Conservative
The General Council of the Salvation Army
Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria no website
Grace United Church Thornbury graceunitedthornbury.ca
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