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25 Sep
I'm in an Andy Rooney sort of mood. Perhaps because my daughter pointed out that not only is my hair and beard getting long but so are my eyebrows. Anyway, I've noticed that whenever I look at a person who followed me to vet before following I see they are followed πŸ‚πŸ‘‡
by Devin Nunes Cow. @DevinCow. Even relative newcomers with fewer followers even than I. Why is this? I have been following @DevinCow for so long my legs are covered in the stuff of which cowpatties are made but do I get followed? Noooooo. Or is it Moooooo? What is this πŸ‚πŸ‘‡
discriminatory behavior, Bossy? I never see this: Image
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24 Sep
Tomorrow night and/or Friday night, take a break from politics and pandemic and the overall horror of life as we know it and go contemplate the planets. Remind yourself they have been thus for billions of years and will continue long after we're extinct. From NatGeo Science: πŸ‘‡ Image
All the world's a stage.
And all the men and women merely players;...

We'll live out our lives and depart this vale of tears and all this that we agonize over will be long forgotten.

Fight like hell to make it better, but also find ways to survive anyway. Ways to feel πŸ‘‡
good despite being horrified. My personal escape is helping others. I refurbish donated bicycles and give them to people far worse off than I. I delivered one to a homeless man yesterday; delivered 2 last week to the shelter for homeless vets, one to a refugee 18-yr-old; have πŸ‘‡
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22 Sep
Here's today's COVID summary.

Also see dbc3.com for my comments on Tyranny and White Supremacism. I started writing those in Feb, 2016. I thought the two topics were intertwined and would be front and center for 4 years.
Didn't require a crystal ball.
Charts at dbc3.com/C19 Image
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19 Sep
"Good genes"
"Good genes in Minnesota."
Christian Identity Movement basics:
Sub-human "Mud People" were created on the 6th day. Then a day of rest, then white humans were created on the 8th day IN SCANDINAVIA.
Where did many/most Minnesotans immigrate from?
πŸ‘‡ Image
See my "Christian Identity" essay here: dbc3.com/PBP/White%20Su… Their perverse rewriting of the Judeo-Christian creation myth to justify their un-Christian white supremacist movement has the Garden of Eden located in NW Europe/Scandinavia. These Aryans- blue-eyed blonds and πŸ‘‡ Image
redheads invaded what's now Russia in the 9th century. Brought their "good genes" for people like Putin to gloat about. They were called the Rus people, which gave the country its name. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rus%27_pe…
He just laid it all out. This IS a race war. He is talking πŸ‘‡
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19 Sep
Whatcha think? Is school opening and Sturgis kicking in? Image
Here;s today';s end-of-day summary Image
Tacking on today's summary Image
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17 Sep
What continues to boggle my mind is the near-universal racism among white people, just as I have been stunned by the commonality of sexual abuse by men in power. I was clearly raised in a bubble! A couple of years ago I wrote an article saying racism is rampant; I am learningπŸ‘‡
it grossly understates the issue.
The degree to which white men and women in any position of power, and that includes even junior reporters with the power of the pen, rookie cops, store clerks, you name it, slant every thing they do and say based on πŸ‘‡
their interpretation of whom they are dealing with stuns me. My article said relatively subtle stuff like moving away from someone darker in an elevator is the norm. It missed the fact that most people who do that would kick them down the elevator shaft given the chance. I πŸ‘‡
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15 Sep
COVID Snapshot for Monday, September 14, 2020. Image
It may hit 200,000 cases tomorrow. Charts are at dbc3.com/C19

We have so many plagues going simultaneously one can get numb to it all. I suppose this is what it's like in the trenches in war. 480 people died agonizing deaths from COVID. IDK how many lost their πŸ‘‡
homes and every possession to fires on the west coast. Storms bearing down on people in the Gulf. Unemployed and homeless numbers keep going up. Numb. You just get numb. πŸ‘‡
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13 Sep
SecondChanceBikes.org update thread
Last summer I put one notice in Nextdoor.com describing my bicycle recycling operation and asking for donations. I got 60 bikes in 2 months in direct response to the post. By end of year I had taken in 121 bikes; given out 114.πŸ‘‡
With COVID disrupting everything starting when it was still winter this year, I got a slow start. Less demand, which I filled from bikes on hand. Delivered 15; also did heavy repairs on 5, have 2 ready to deliver.
I few days ago I got a request from the refugee agency thatπŸ‘‡
a student had told her ESL instructor she wanted to get a bike. Said she wanted a simple one, not one with all the gears. I said have her call me; they can't give me client's names or contacts due to privacy. She called and left a message. A long message. Kind of πŸ‘‡
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10 Sep
Wednesday, 9/9/2020. Today's numbers reflect the accumulated backlog of reports from the long weekend. Here's the end-of-day summary. I expect tomorrows to be higher. See dbc3.com/C19 for charts; two of them are included below.
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8 Sep
This is a new one to me.
- I got an email purportedly from Norton thanking me for renewing my contract (I didn't do that).
- It also said payment was by auto withdrawal from my checking account. We never do that.
- It said if this was not you call this number. Did not involve clicking on something or downloading so I did it.
- I was put on hold for a bit. Then connected and a message said "you are the only person in this conference."
- I hung up. Within 5 minutes I get a phishing call using my area code and exchange. I answer and a recording says this is microsoft support; your computer is compromise; call this number to have support fix it.
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5 Sep
My dad spent 20 years in USMC. I year in Iceland pre-wwII
Then to FMFPAC, island-hopping, ending up on Guam, served on the War Crimes Commission that tried those who abused, murdered, & cannibalized the airmen from George HW Bush's unit.
(more)πŸ‘‡ Image
2 years stateside and then to Korea, 1st Marine Division, landing at Inchon, spent the winter of 50-51 trapped in -40 deg weather surrounded by Chinese Communist army at Chosin Reservoir. The tales he told of their escape, "attacking in another direction" as theirπŸ‘‡
commander O.P Smith put it
were brief. He didn't talk about it much. It was called ". . . the most violent small-unit fighting in the history of American warfare.”
Once they got out he was assigned as an advisor to the commandant of the πŸ‘‡
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3 Sep
I'd like to see it spelled out how it is prevented. I assume that when the vote is accepted, either in person or in mail, the registered voter is marked "voted" and any effort to vote again using same registration will be rejected. This is simple to accomplish withπŸ‘‡
the exception of a theoretically possible loophole due to timing. If mail-in ballots are not scanned until after polls close, no problem. If you voted in person they checked off your name and that got entered in database so you are marked "voted" and your previously-mailedπŸ‘‡
ballot will be thrown out when scanned. If they count mailed-in prior to election day, they need to stop a few days in advance so the poll workers printouts will show "voted" for all scanned. They can resume counting the remaining mail-ins after polls close and πŸ‘‡
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3 Sep
So I was in 12-hour suspension most of the day. Called somebody "Candyman"; I guess he doesn't like that nickname. I thought it was in common use around the People's House. Maybe so, but not beneficial when running for the People's other House. I spent most of the day πŸ‘‡
applying to refi mortgage, then started fixing bikes for 2 homeless guys waiting. Finished one got another ready to mount a replacement rear wheel in the morning. My stockpile of wheels is out in the side yard in the dark; I didn't feel like fiddling with a flashlight when πŸ‘‡
🎼The sun'll come out
So ya gotta hang on
'Til tomorrow
Come what may
Tomorrow, tomorrow!
I love ya tomorrow!
You're always
A day
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2 Sep
THREAD: Mud People
"low energy" is one of the epithets trump uses for black people. That and low IQ. It is his code for "dumb, lazy, shiftless n*****"
White supremacists hate "n-lovers" and curse them equally. To a hardcore ws like trump, anyone not openly nazi is aπŸ‘‡ (more) Image
"n-lover". He has also equated "dem" and "democrat" with "n-loving."
Every time he refers to "dem-run cities", "dem mayors", "dem states" he is doing what people I grew up with in the south did when they dismissed someone as a "n-lover."
While black people and Native AmericansπŸ‘‡
bore the brunt of white supremacist hatred with groups like KKK for most of our history, that is only because they posed the immediate threat. They have plenty of hate to go around for all shades of brown - they call them "mud people," "muds" for short. I wrote several essaysπŸ‘‡
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1 Sep
Tuesday, Sept 1, 2020
- A friend still owed over 4k in IRS refund since Jan
- A friend owed UI plus 1200 supplemental since June
- A friend waiting for a decision on citizenship since Jan 2018
- A friend w/4 kids in a shelter waiting for subsidized housing
- Vandals just burned a 4x8 hand-painted BLM sign AND church marquee at a Presbyterian church 4 blocks away in an affluent suburb of Chicago

73 years ago this morning around 11 my mother was riding in a jeep bouncing along a road through the jungle πŸ‘‡
in a rainstorm headed for the US Naval Hospital, Guam to bring me into the world. Dad didn't spend 36 months in the Pacific fighting to preserve our democracy, nor another year living in a rat-infested Quonset hut with wife & 2 kids, nor 18 months in Korea including the πŸ‘‡
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31 Aug
SecondChanceBikes.org update:
I got an email from my contact for bike requests at the refugee agency. A local Nepali church pastor contacted them with a request. A Nepali refugee youth group has been helping seniors deal with the COVID-19. Probably mostly shopping for πŸ‘‡
food, picking up Rx, etc. The pastor wants to know if she can help him get 8 bicycles to help them get around. I have a lot of kid bikes; 13 at latest count, received in the last 6 weeks. IDK how old these youths are, but all my Nepali friends are relatively short so I mayπŸ‘‡
be able to fulfill that request. I have not inspected them all; don't know what they need. Chances are there will be rusted/broken cables; bad tires, bent wheels. I have a lot of second-hand tires from bike shops because serious bikers buy new ones every year when they spend πŸ‘‡
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29 Aug
First Saturday summary, See dbc3.com/C19 for charts
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28 Aug
Short of impeachment or 25th A there must be an ability for the 1st and 3d branches to throttle POTUS. And it should be possible for the House, which is at least hypothetically representative, to impose sanctions without requiring approval of the unrepresentative Senate. Maybe πŸ‘‡
get 3 SCAJs to sign off on an injunction? While it seemed unfathomable that a spoiled brat would throw tantrums and scream "you can't make me", "you're not the boss of me" from the WH, that is what we have. POTUS has far too much wiggle room. EO's should be rare and short-πŸ‘‡
lived (sorry, DACA). Congress should be able to sanction just like putting that brat in a "time out." If he behaves then he has all the powers and perks. When he misbehaves cut off funding. No AF1 flights except to official diplomatic missions. No weekend trips to golf courses.πŸ‘‡
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27 Aug
Spent the morning trying to facilitate google meetings between Burmese refugee mom and her two boys' teachers - kindergarten and 2nd grade. Failed on the first one trying to coach her remotely on what to click to log in. Teacher gave a time for a retry. I just cancelled theπŸ‘‡
2nd one because didn't know what the prob. had been and needed to take Deedle (14 yr old Scottish terrier) to vet urgently. Vet does social distancing. You drive up to back door; tech takes the pet in for exam; vet comes out with xrays and diagnosis. Pneumonia, presenting πŸ‘‡
strangely. Might be "just" pneumonia; might be caused by cancer. We'll try antibiotics for 2 days; if no improvement, bad news. Then tried the call again. Turned out mom's PC mic is not working; that was the issue in the first effort. But she kept trying different things πŸ‘‡
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27 Aug
Busy morning. More about that later. Here's my first snapshot of Worldometers' COVID-19 data for USA.
Charts at dbc3.com/C19
PS: my Polar Bear Post rants about white supremacy and tyranny are at dbc3.com
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26 Aug
Wednesday. I have received reminders from five different people that they are waiting for a bike. Two already have ones I gave them and want upgrade. The other 3 are on foot. I gotta spend some serious garage time being SecondChanceBikes.org! Meanwhile, COVID marches on -
here's today's first summary. See dbc3.com/C19 for charts. Image
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