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10 Dec 18
Last night, I learnt something from my Quicksell Basic Class: The market is growing and huge. Particularly for trainers.

A short #Thread
People have knowledge gaps. And whoever takes the initiative to fill this gap, carries the day.
In the near future, those who will be smiling to the bank will not just be those providing services, but those willing to pass on knowledge to others.
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19 Aug 18
Should a church venture into business? Wouldn't that be distracting? What impacts will this on faith and the basic principles of the kingdom? What would happen if chuches in Nigeria start farms and employ their members to work on them? A short #thread

1. Answered Prayers. For the young and agile members who are unemployed. For the business consultants who want to work on new projects. One prayer point would be ticked off the list. #LetMyPeopleThink
2. Stewardship. Working in a "church-run business" will provide Christians with more practical avenues to demonstrate and prove ourselves as caretakers of heaven's resources on the earth.
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