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Rags 2 Richez, A modern day take on Wyckoff.
3 Apr 19
XRP THE STANDARD 😉 I'm of the opinion whales use XRP as a stepping stone when trading BTC.

Whats interesting is the correlation between the two:

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
If we look at whats going on under the hood. W1 STOCH on all top caps including #bitcoin have maxed out. With the exception of XRP.

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
Dial it down to D1 and we see a very similar setup on the RSI. All top caps maxed out (some have a bearish div) and XRP is sitting on the bottom again.

My take on this, longing XRP wouldn't be the worst idea if btc neccs.

#btc #btcusd $btc $btcusd
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26 Oct 18
Not to be a negative nelly 😂 but I feel like we're on the edge the next big global recession. I can't ignore the matching mahosive bear div on the big 5 global markets. Which is interesting since we haven't had one like that since 2008.

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26 Jul 18
1/5 Cause and effect the cornerstone of Wyckoff methodology. Time to get physical, Isaac Newton famously once said ‘For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction’. With that in mind, let's use it analyse the previous cycles on BTC…
2/5 Aprils accumulation (cause) and markup phase (effect). Accumulation lasted 13days and markup lasted an equal amount of time. NOTE: dropping volume on markup
3/5 Mays distribution (cause) and markup phase (effect). Distribution lasted 26days and markdown lasted 23days. :thonking
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