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22 Aug 19
Gov. @JayInslee led more than history's first climate candidacy, he led a master class on how to solve climate change. Here's a rundown of some 300+ pages of awesome to save the world. There is no doubt his fingerprints will be on the eventual solutions that save us all. First->
America's Climate Mission - the vision that anchored his whole campaign.
Second - the 100% Clean plan that set targets for 100% clean electricity and energy, 100% zero-emission vehicles, and 100% zero-carbon buildings.
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31 May 19
I'm gonna make it simple for 2020 candidates, if asked: "Why tax the rich?"

Don't say: To pay for things!
Say: B/c concentrated income & wealth exploits workers & consumers and is bad for the economy & democracy

If asked "How will you pay for things?"
Say: With public money!
As we enter the debate season, I fear many candidates and others in Congress will make the *political* choice to sell taxes on super high income and wealth in order to pay for progressive priorities that will make millions upon millions of people's lives better...
But I argue it is much more honest and more convincing to tell voters that super high incomes and wealth are bad for the economy, democracy, and their households' bottom line. We address that by discouraging high incomes and breaking up concentrations of wealth through taxes...
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1 May 19
THREAD - Here’s my first treatment of Beto O’Rourke’s climate change plan. Sorry it took 48 hours to get out, and hope you read this monster.
1/Now that the “first” 2020 candidate climate plan is out from Beto, I’ve been getting a lot of questions on my feelings and how in particular it compares to a Green New Deal, whether that’s the resolution or our @DataProgress blueprint
2/Off the top, I should say I find the Beto plan commendable and am encouraged by how serious some candidates are in making climate change the *most* important issue of the campaign
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