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16 Oct
I can scarcely believe it! Our paper, "Seven decades of chemotherapy clinical trials: a pan‑cancer social network analysis" is finally out! @Hem_Onc 1/n
In this paper, we systematically analyzed co-authorship patterns of 29,197 authors of 5,599 publications of prospective clinical trials in oncology over 70+ years! Source: 2/n
Hematology/oncology is a field of subfields, all of which have grown but not at the same pace. For example, the study of multiple myeloma got a big boost coincident with reports of efficacy of thalidomide and bortezomib (#2 in the figure) @rubinstein_md @mtmdphd 3/n
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25 Apr 19
Happy to say our @AcadMedJournal article on #wikifying clinical documentation is now in print. Time to recapitulate the Twitter explainer from a few months ago! 1/n @jefferyrlsmith
As an enthusiastic @Wikipedia user, producer of clinical docs at @VUMChealth, and deputy editor of the medical wiki, I teamed up with @jefferylsmith (VP of Public Policy at @AMIAinformatics) & Adam Wright @BrighamWomens to put out this thought piece 2/11
We came together around the groundswell of concern about the negative effects of #EHRs on the quality of clinical documents. Having delved deep into the history of clinical documentation, we began to realize how far afield from original intent we are. 3/11
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