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14 May 18
Went to buy nasi Melayu for lunch & asked auntie for a fork, she pointed right in front of me, saying
"Tak nampak ke depan mata? Kalau rabun, makan banyak ikan."
I asked "Makan ikan boleh baikkan penglihatan meh?"
Auntie replied "Pernah nampak kucing pakai specs tak?"
To whoever asks what Nasi Melayu is. I have no idea if it's the right or wrong phrase to use as we all call it "nasi melayu" including my Malay friends, and even the shop has Nasi Melayu signboard.
It's also known as "nasi campur" according to replies and friends.
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11 May 18
If you're a voter and wanna remove the ink on your finger, try these few with cloth. This is a small thread :

1. Nail polish remover

- Easy to find
- But your girlfriend or mother might scold you
- Might leave some stubborn smell on your finger, but will go away quick
2. Baking soda + lemon

- 2nd most effective method
- May cause lil thinning of skin as its slightly acidic. You'll end up with smooth finger lol
- Leaves stubborn lemon smell
- Extra : You can do teeth whitening with this but may cause enamel thinning with it's acidic effect.
3. Bleach + baking soda

- Might damage skin a little
- Might have slight effect on sensitive skin, may cause rash
- Might cause nausea as bleach is a fast evaporating chemical

This (bleach + baking soda) is by far the most effective method as tested by my friend.
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